BFSI domain mindmap Banking, Financial services, Insurance

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BFSI by Mind Map: BFSI

1. Banking

1.1. Retail

1.1.1. Retail finance Checking and savings account Bonus Incentives Promotional Interest Rate ATM Facility Mortgages Mortgage pre approval Loan application Loan processing Underwriting Closing Customer lending Credit cards Automobile loans Housing Finance Cross selling Wealth management Financial planning Personal retail banking services Estate planning Investment management services Legal and tax advice Foreign currency Accessing issued forex card Private banking Banking for HNWI Investments for HNWI Tax management for HNWI

1.1.2. Online banking Account information Share the account details Bank statements Verification of account holder Account creation Open Account online Online payments Fund transfer Savings account Account Verification Online fund transfer Mobile banking Mobile accounting Mobile brokerage Mobile financial information services

1.2. Corporate

1.2.1. Online Banking Account information Verification of account holder Share the account details Bank statements Savings account Account Verification Online fund transfer Online payments Fund transfer

1.2.2. Trade finance Disbursement Verification and transfer Structured trade finance Pre–payment financing Pre–export financing Commodities financing Pre-export finance Counter trade Barter Inventory finance Documentary instruments Issuance and negotiation of credit Advising, confirmation and negotiation of export letters of credit. Red-clause and green-clause letters of credit Issuance, negotiation, confirmation and advising of payment guarantees, Import and export documentary collections

1.2.3. Channel finance Provide cash credit Fund Transfer

1.2.4. Transportation finance Provide loan for transport Fund transfer

1.2.5. Corporate finance loans and credit products Verification and transfer Employer services Payroll Group retirement plan Commercial real estate Real asset analysis Portfolio evaluation Debt and equity structuring Equipment lending Structure customized loans for equipment's

1.2.6. Cash Management services Account reconciliation Check bank statement Balancing checks Clearing house Transfer funds between banks Controlled disbursement Verification and Transfer Wire transfer Electronic transfer of funds Automated cash handling Counting and tracking cash

1.2.7. Wealth Management Wealth management Global Portfolio Management Investment Advice Fiduciary Deposits & Cash Management Lombard Loans Balance reporting Estate planning Financial Consulting

1.2.8. International Correspondent banking accounts Verification Deposit and escrow accounts Await the Bank's Appraisal Secure Financing Approve the Seller's Disclosures Get Hazard Insurance Acquire the Title Report and Title Insurance Issuance and/or confirmation of bonds, guarantees Performance guarantee Bid bond guarantee Financial guarantee Advance payment guarantee Foreign bank guarantee Processing of documentary collections Exporter ships goods Sends documents to remitting bank Release shipping documents to the Buyer and remit the funds to the Remitting Bank Custody services Hold in safekeeping assets/securities Arrange settlement of any purchases and sales Administer tax withholding documents and foreign tax reclamation Administer voluntary and involuntary corporate actions on securities Provide information on the securities Maintain bank account and manage cash transactions Perform foreign exchange actions

1.2.9. SME banking Cash Credit/ Over Draft Provide working capital requirement Hypothecation of stock and assets Term loans Loan origination Loan management Loan recovery Inland Bill Discounting Facilities Buyer applies for Letter of credit Seller issues letter of credit Advisory bank advices LC Issueing bank issues LC

1.2.10. Treasury services Bonds trading Bond origination Bond trading Bond Redemption & Maturity Prompt, accurate and up-to-date market information Verification and updating of account information

1.3. Cards and payment

1.3.1. Mobility solutions

1.3.2. Card life cycle management

1.3.3. Card origination

1.3.4. Card origination

1.3.5. Transaction authorization

1.3.6. Rewards management

1.3.7. Fraud management

1.3.8. Risk management

1.3.9. Merchant interfaces

1.3.10. Customer interfaces

2. Financial Services

2.1. Financial services

2.1.1. Account Management Systematic record keeping Facilitating rational decision making Legal compliance Protection of business assets Determination of Profit/loss Authorization Credit limit management Ascertaining the profitability, liquidity and solvency of the entity Robust accounting Owner management Tenant/Lease management Legal tracking Board reporting

2.1.2. Customer Life cycle Management Introduction to products Awareness Acquisition Engagement Know your Customer KYC for the customers Ease of access to customers Access to legacy systems Profiling of customers Evaluation Growth of customer base Data Warehouse Cultivation of loyalty among customers Bonding Customer relationship Product and Support Experience

2.1.3. Query & Escalation Management Functional Escalation Hierarchical Escalation

2.1.4. Product & System Help desk Management Reporting Ensure teams meet SLA Change Management Eliminate risk from change operations Business Process Automation Enable organizations to automate repeatable processes Problem Management Finding incidents indicative of problems CMDB Provides the relational database functionality

2.1.5. Lending services Refurbishment and repossession Loan recovery Loan and credit Loan management Mortgage Credit management

2.1.6. Fraud Management Cash Transaction Monitoring Identify cash transactions just below regulatory reporting thresholds Identify a series of cash disbursements by customer number that together exceed regulatory reporting threshold Identify statistically unusual numbers of cash transfers by customer and bank account Check Tampering Identify missing, duplicate, void, or out of sequence check numbers Identify checks paid that do not match the check issued, by bank, by check Locate check forgery or falsification of loan applications Billing Identify unusually large number of waived fee by branch or by employee

2.1.7. Investment services Capital market services Investment research and analytics management Trade and settlement Wealth management Asset management Custody and security services Risk management solutions Investment management Advice to purchase, manage and trade various securities Hedge fund management Investment with safeguarding risks Private banking Banking services Discretionary asset management Brokerage Limited tax advisory services

2.1.8. Collections- Disbursement & Closures Loan disbursement Appraisal Security Evaluation Loan Sanction Disbursement

2.1.9. Vendor Management Risk assessment Consistent risk assessment Due Diligence Enhancing its compliance program to manage regulatory compliance risks Ongoing Monitoring Identifying significant vendors Proper documentation and reporting Developing and testing the operating effectiveness of key controls Contracts Assisting in the development of corrective actions Procedures for terminating relationship Reviewing SSAE16 reports from vendors Nondisclosure/Confidentiality agreements Review and verification

2.1.10. Credit risk assessment Credit risk at loan origination point Character Management ability Environmental conditions and factors

2.2. Diversified financial services

2.2.1. Multi-Sector Holdings

2.2.2. Specialized finance

3. Insurance

3.1. Life/General

3.1.1. Leads management

3.1.2. Leads generation Generating leads for insurance

3.1.3. Leads management Purchase suitable policy

3.1.4. Provides protection Connect with insurance broker

3.1.5. Risk-Sharing Verification and Transfer

3.1.6. Prevention of loss Claim investigation

3.1.7. Provides Capital Policy review

3.1.8. Leads enrichment Damage evaluation

3.1.9. Provides certainty Purchase suitable policy

3.2. General

3.2.1. Vehicle

3.2.2. Health

3.2.3. Property

3.2.4. Liability

3.2.5. Credit

3.2.6. Travel

3.2.7. Casualty

3.2.8. Captive