Anansi Brand 2019

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Anansi Brand 2019 by Mind Map: Anansi Brand 2019

1. One-Liner

1.1. Weaving strong communities, one draft at a time.

1.1.1. Combines literal + symbolic

1.2. We help digital agencies take conversion content fully off their plate.

1.3. We work with web pros to help their clients clarify their messaging and get through to the right people online.

2. Story

2.1. Goal

2.1.1. Leverage aspects of Anansi’s story to support our brand vision and therefore tie into the visuals and tone

2.2. Anansi Story Key Elements

2.2.1. Webs & weaving Streamlined process for clients Smoothly woven together Smoothly woven into the partner's process Weaving strong webs; strong communities Reference the aspects of the structure of the web, how powerful it is because of the process Like a web, our work doesn't take people from a single point to a single other point. It touches many many others along the way. Like a ripple in the water it grows and grows and touches many It starts in the center and builds and builds out from there

2.2.2. Creative problem-solving We're the missing link for most of our partners We work creatively to combine our processes with a partner We help them get unstuck from their personal content problems Through storytelling we help them problem-solve... help their community connect to products/services etc solving problems to live more fulfilling lives Accessing solutions quickly by making concepts simple, easy to understand, and absorb

2.2.3. Wisdom To not just experience but share Wisdom is knowledge, applied We work from what's worked best for the majority of the people we've seen in similar situations, but the client needs to choose their own path Wit & Eloquence We use words well to tell good stories We're great at conveying why something needs to happen, not just what needs to happen Anansi used his wit and wisdom to create a big impact despite his small size

2.2.4. Strategic We don't just act, we make a plan first We observe and adjust the plan as we go We make decisions based on data and expertise, as well as our experience with human behaviour Skill Wit Critical thinkers

2.2.5. Strong communities Our vision is to build mutually supportive communities, as Anansi showed the world to do with his web We are picky about our clients because we believe with great power comes great responsibility We work with partners and clients making the world better at every level Even "boring" projects like construction are solving problems for the people they serve Anansi the Spider showed the world how to link themselves into communities Plays into the social justice aspect if we choose to Anansi became a symbol for slave resistance because of his ability to outsmart his oppressors

2.2.6. Stories We help them tell the story of their ideal customers, and help them position themselves as the guide We weave a storyline for them so they can connect more meaningfully with their community Through storytelling we help them problem-solve... help their community connect to products/services etc solving problems to live more fulfilling lives Anansi gave the world stories

2.3. What it's not

2.3.1. The trickster elements of Anansi

2.3.2. Literal spiders and mentions of spiders

2.4. We're changing the Anansi story because we acknowledge that all stories change over time... we're doing it consciously this time. We're shifting the world from one where people glorify tricking each other to one where we use our wisdom and skill to support each other.

2.4.1. Instead, Anansi is the guide that helps your business beat crappy content and make more money with less pressure.

2.4.2. Anansi became a symbol for slave resistance because of his ability to outsmart his oppressors

2.4.3. Anansi is known in the south as Aunt Nancy, another adaptation of the story

2.5. WHY

2.5.1. We believe that effective communication has the power to shape a whole generation's capacity to thrive.

2.5.2. We believe that effective communication has the power to shape a whole generation's lives.

2.5.3. Take conversion content fully off your plate for good.

2.5.4. We make conversion content simple and communities strong.

2.5.5. We use words to connect people to each other in meaningful ways

2.5.6. We believe... "___"

2.5.7. Guiding truth, in which if it isn't true your life's work is broken Communication/the way we talk the power to change the world within a generation

2.5.8. For as complicated as the world's problem continue to get, the solutions remain embarassingly simple

2.5.9. Words, the way we communicate has this exclusive power to create change holistically and REALLY FAST

2.5.10. We believe that communication is the missing link to help people live more fulfilling lives

3. Voice

3.1. Archetypes

3.1.1. The Innovator Wants to create the best experience possible Not afraid to tell an uncomfortable truth if it means growing in a good way. We're willing to find the uncomfortable things, ask the hard questions... but have a little fun with it and not overwhelm or stress them out with it.

3.1.2. The Jester Wants to enjoy the simple things in life, like Anansi. A little bit silly, a little bit sassy, a little bit sweet, like Anansi himself.

3.2. Emotion Words

3.2.1. Fulfilling & relatable. We believe in believe inclusive to all members of the community, not discriminating for gender, race, religion, etc.

3.2.2. Optimistic & energizing. Infectious enthusiasm

3.2.3. Focused, clear, & simple. Accessing solutions quickly by making concepts simple, easy to understand, and absorb We also believe in setting clear boundaries and taking no shit.

3.3. Tones

3.3.1. Emails, Blogs, Podcasts Ultra Informal Many memes

3.3.2. Client Documents Business Casual?

3.3.3. Partner Documents

3.3.4. Website

3.3.5. GDD approach reflected in all the language

4. Human

4.1. Say

4.1.1. Poofy curly

4.1.2. Big smile

4.1.3. Expressive face

4.1.4. Lots of energy and movement

5. Shape

5.1. Spiderweb

5.1.1. Be careful, spiderwebs naturally have a "Halloween" feel to them... how can we change the image to address this? Bright colors Bold simple lines

5.2. Concentric rings

5.3. Lines

6. Visuals

6.1. Image Themes + Characteristics

6.1.1. Images that speak to the senses; situations you can almost feel or touch

6.1.2. What it is Evokes STRONG emotion in the reader Show action. It doesn't matter what they're doing as long as it relates to the message. Images that our audience can strongly relate to themselves in, whether emotionally or situationally Images that tell a story even without the words. People, dogs, kids, cats The people we're selling to should recognize themselves in our pictures. But instead of literal representation of them/us, it can represent the MOOD or FEELING of what we want them to experience. Fairly close focus; halves of people and whole animals and children Lots of diversity Bright, vivid, and natural colors and settings Settings the visitors can recognize themselves in Candid shots whenever possible Kids Kids doing something The elements of kids that overlap with Jester and Creator focus

6.1.3. What it's not No computers and desks Not white men in suits Still life or objects on their own Faceless people or people with backs turned People looking directly at the camera

6.1.4. Examples Anansi homepage This could be one But not these ones... back's turned and other one is too staged

6.2. Tone

6.2.1. Quote Graphic Decide consistent look Decide consistent terms of application

6.2.2. Website

6.2.3. Blog post key photos Striking images No memes or text

6.2.4. Throughout emails and articles Lots of memes Feel free to create memes Feel free to put Say in memes Heavier on the silly and sass

6.2.5. Videos Used whenever possible for introductions, "how-tos" etc "Talking head" style Relatable feeling Often outside or in casual settings Taking advantage of whatever beautiful space is around you

6.2.6. Forms Need a consistent visual

6.3. How to find

6.3.1. Work backwards from images you like

6.3.2. Can figure out who took the photo Often people will let you put stuff on their site if you ask, sometimes you need to have creative rights and all sorts of stuff.

6.3.3. Can search by a photograpy styles

6.3.4. Can reverse image search through Google

6.3.5. Can figure out what camera was used for a particular type of focus etc.

6.4. Sources

6.4.1. Types of Imagery The 3 types of images that work best on the web Iconic Imagery Has a meaning that's widely known Directly represents what it is Symbolic Imagery More abstract, uses visual grammar and elements to tell a story Indexical Imagery Creates an emotional link between what you're looking at and what you want them to feel, without being literal

6.4.2. Images that sell Boost your visual marketing results: 15 trusted tips to choose images that sell – Learn

6.4.3. Photography Background Info Candid photography Show action. It doesn't matter what they're doing as long as it relates to the message. Use bright, vivid colors Don't be afraid to edit the images a little in simple ways. Images tell a story even without the words. Evoke STRONG emotion, not weak emotion. Untangling something really frustrating until it's smooth An overwhelming calendar Handing off a complicated project to someone else The people we're selling to should recognize themselves in our pictures. But instead of literal representation of them/us, it can represent the MOOD or FEELING of what we want them to experience.

7. Color

7.1. Bold splashes of color

8. Deploying The Brand

8.1. Brand Guidelines Document

8.1.1. Brand Vision

8.1.2. The Story of Anansi One-liner The Spider The Company

8.1.3. YOU About the organization Company vision Company mission Core Offerings Our Process

8.1.4. Three Pillars of Content Strategy Pillar 1: WHO The Basics Main Challenges What We Offer Them Other Key Considerations Customer Journey User Stage of Awareness Pillar 2: WHAT Unique Value Proposition In a sentence Three Key Uniques Support Messaging People are searching for Specific Style Choices Pillar 3: HOW Values Primary Archetype Secondary Archetype Emotion Words Tone

8.1.5. Visual Brand Guide Logo, fonts, colours Basic image guidelines Link to Airtable with examples Context-specific guidelines Tips for finding on-brand images

8.1.6. Supporting Elements Sounds Shapes Human Movement

8.2. Elements to deploy

8.2.1. Message Templates

8.2.2. Social Media Instagram Bio Facebook Page info LinkedIn bio/info

8.2.3. Website copy

8.2.4. Using our individual cultures to celebrate individual holidays and communities

8.2.5. GDD approach reflected in all the language

8.2.6. Package Structure Build your client's web of connections Starting from the inner circle and building out? Or starting from the anchor lines and building out from there? Relating the circle of impact and connection to the zones of the web... you can only stretch out so far until you solidify the inside part there Anchor copy Growth copy

8.2.7. New Client Welcome Video + any other videos throughout the process

8.3. Order of Priority

8.3.1. Website visuals

8.3.2. Names

9. Sound

9.1. Signature Sound (podcast jingle)

9.1.1. Qualities Bright and brassy? Very danceable, makes you want to move Modern, not retro

9.1.2. Potentials Playlist: Vibrant Indie Pop / Rock tracks More modern, maybe a little too acoustic/generic No Limits by LynneMusic Possibly the closest yet? Really like the brightness, the grooviness Maybe too retro? From the 80s/90s so closer to our audience at least Freaky Footwork by LynneMusic HAPPINESS - Royalty Free Music by The Music Bakery Upbeat but not as energetic Funk On The Radio by LynneMusic Neon Shots by LynneMusic

9.2. What it's not

9.2.1. Acoustic guitar music

9.2.2. Vintage stuff like ragtime music

9.2.3. Repetitive and electronic, like house

9.2.4. Leading people on a fantasy adventure

9.2.5. Big band

9.2.6. Playlist: Get Funky. Vibrant Retro Funk tracks. Love these but almost a little too retro

10. Vision

10.1. We’re Sassy Alfred. We’re butler, costume maker, counsellor, but we’ll also call you on all your crap—all from behind the scenes so you can focus on being the hero for your clients. Beyond just kicking ass on your copy and keeping your projects on track, we’ll hug you and celebrate with you. We’re distant enough to perceive and tell you the truth—and close enough to care about your feelings around it

10.1.1. Jazzmine Raine 19 days ago I'm all about being sassy Alfred. We are definitely the support character that helps build community. We are also super humble. When a project is complete, we have no need to boast because we know without us, it wouldn't be as amazing

10.1.2. Michaela Kemp 20 days ago It’s in the first line of my bio...I’ll lay down the pop culture for you. Haha. He’s butler, surrogate father, costume maker, counsellor, but also calls out Bruce on all of his crap. A true legend.

10.1.3. Celene Hoag 20 days ago We're super organized and take care of all the little details so the partner can focus on looking crazy good in front of the clients.

10.2. We're the only conversion copywriters that WOW your clients with a full, smooth process, while always freakishly organized and accountable... so we can help digital agency owners get more time back and focus on the parts of the job they actually love.

10.3. Notes

10.3.1. A collection of the smartest, most empathetic people ever, committed to saving the world through organization and clear communication

10.3.2. Using words to save the world

10.3.3. A collection of empathetic, clever, hyper-organized nerds.

10.3.4. Lots of diversity

10.3.5. We help communities all over North America

11. Movement

11.1. Gliding

11.2. Opening

11.3. Feeling effortless

11.4. Getting from point A to point B effortlessly

12. Names

12.1. Name key elements according to both story and voice

12.2. Idea: Brainstorm some of these at Projects L10? Or do a round and workshop it there?

12.3. Tasty Tidbits

12.4. Business Name

12.4.1. Anansi Coaching

12.4.2. Anansi Content Solutions

12.4.3. Anansi Content

12.5. Key Elements of Our Process

12.5.1. Deep Dive Interview

12.5.2. The Anansi Process The Anansi Content Process 1. Copy Reference Guide 2. Anchor Copy 3. Growth Strategy The Anansi Onboarding Process 1. Qualification/Application Call 2. Process Weaving 3. Sales Discussion

12.5.3. Content Strategy Brief The word strategy sometimes creates alienation for partners or clients because they're already doing a strategy Content Style Guide Content Anchor Strategy Content Foundation Content Anchor Content Reference Guide Messaging Guide Anchor Messaging

12.5.4. Live Feedback Session

12.5.5. Experience Interview

12.5.6. Three Pillars of Content Strategy

12.5.7. Foundation/Anchor Copy

12.5.8. Growth Copy

12.5.9. Experience Interview Wrap Up Call The wrap up that doesn't end with you getting eaten!

12.6. Key Resources

12.6.1. Pricing Doc/Choose Your Own Adventure Also need to organize the elements within it

12.6.2. Process Doc/Sales Deck

12.6.3. Client Welcome Guide

12.6.4. New Partner Package

12.6.5. Partner Portal

12.7. Key Marketing + Brand Components

12.7.1. Blog

12.7.2. Podcast Say It Online Say it Online

12.7.3. Role Titles Word Weaver

12.8. GDD approach reflected in all the language

13. Logo

14. Fonts

15. Sources

15.1. Margaret Wheatley - Newer stuff

15.1.1. What do you believe, that if it weren't true would cause your whole world to disentegrate?

15.2. The 7 key elements of brand identity design + 10 corporate identity examples


15.4. Behance