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1.1. see off

1.1.1. to go to an airport, trainstation, etc; in order to say goodbye to someone that is leaving

1.2. check in

1.2.1. the act or process of reporting that you arrived at a hotel, airport, ect.

1.3. speed up

1.3.1. an increase in speed

1.4. take off

1.4.1. to leave the ground and fly; in an airplane

1.5. get away

1.5.1. leave one's work or home to go on vacation

1.6. check out

1.6.1. to examine someone or something in order to be certain that everything is correct, true or satisfactory

1.7. hold up

1.7.1. to delay someone, or to make someone wait

1.8. hold up

1.8.1. to delay someone or make someone wait

2. means of transport

2.1. bus

2.2. van

2.3. helicopter

2.4. ambulance

2.5. bicycle

2.6. taxi

2.7. plane

2.8. train

2.9. car

2.10. rocket

2.11. hot airbaloon

2.12. airballoon

2.13. canoe

2.14. fery

2.15. submarine

2.16. scooter

2.17. minibus

3. vocabulary

3.1. commute

3.1.1. to travel regularly over some distance; as from suburbs into a city and back

3.2. railway

3.2.1. the rails in which the train goes on

3.3. skyscraper

3.3.1. a tall building with many stories

3.4. slide

3.4.1. a smooth surface for planes to take off

3.5. boarding

3.5.1. the act of a person who boards a shp, train, plane

3.6. departure

3.6.1. the act of leaving especially for traveling

3.7. schedule

3.7.1. a plan of procedure, usually written, for a proposed objetive, especially with the reference to the sequence of and alloted for each item or operation necessary to its comletion

3.8. terminal

3.8.1. a major assamblage of station, yard, maitenance, and repair facilities, as at terminus, at which trains originate or terminate, or at which they are distributed and or combined

3.9. passport

3.9.1. an official documnet issued by the goverment of a country to one of its citizens and, varying from country to country, authorizing travel to forgien countries.

3.10. suitcase

3.10.1. a usually rectangular luggage espcially for carrying clothes while traveling

3.11. safari

3.11.1. a journey or expediton, for hunting, exploratin or investigation

3.12. voyage

3.12.1. a course of travel or passage, espacially a long journey by water to a distant place.

3.13. tour

3.13.1. a long journey including the visiting of a number of places in sequence, espacially with an organzed group with a guide.

3.14. expedition

3.14.1. a journey or ecoursion undertaken or specific pourpose.

3.15. cruise

3.15.1. a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a vacation.

3.16. luggage

3.16.1. suitecase or other bag in which you pack personal belongings for traveling.

3.17. postcard

3.17.1. a card for seanding a massage by mail without an evelope.

3.18. amusment park

3.18.1. a large park equippied with such recreatinal devices as ferris wheel, roller coster, etc.