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Payroll by Mind Map: Payroll

1. Add new payroll membership

1.1. Retired record

1.2. Dependent record

1.3. Bought out ticked

2. Trivial Commutation

2.1. Add new payroll membership

3. Member record details

3.1. Payroll membership

3.2. Personal details

3.3. Personal Address

3.4. Ban k account

3.5. Payment Instruction

4. Payroll membership status

4.1. U to P - new retired record recently set up

4.2. U to P - new dependant record recently set up

4.3. P to C (P45 required)

4.4. P to S

4.5. S to P

4.6. S to C (P45 not required)

5. Pay adjustment

5.1. Amend existing pay adjustment

5.2. Add new pay adjustment

5.3. Add pay adjustment for fixed time period

5.4. Add new pay adjustment - Flexibly accessing pension rights

5.5. Add new pay adjustment - Reportable lump sum death

5.6. Add new pay adjustment - Serious Ill Health

5.7. Close existing pay adjustment

6. Payslip instruction

6.1. Set to Y

6.2. Set to N

7. Tax code history

7.1. Add new Entry

8. Previous employment figures

8.1. Add new entry

9. Import tax codes from XML file

9.1. Edit XML file and load

9.2. Check to make sure records are updated or rejected as required

10. Move members to a different payroll

10.1. Find a member and move to a different payroll

11. Payroll cycle

11.1. Payroll Health Check report

11.2. Calculate Pay

11.3. Gross to Net report

11.4. Process Payments

11.5. Close Payroll

12. Manual Payment

12.1. Add for an inpayment record

12.2. Check to make sure pay history created

13. Return pay history

13.1. Return pay for current year and previous year

14. Process RTI notifications

14.1. Manual Payment, return pay for current year(FPS) and previous year (EYU) should be present in RTI notifications

15. Reissue payments

15.1. Set reissue flag

15.2. Authorize using different use

15.3. Run reissue program

15.4. Check generated report and payment files

16. Generate and Print P45

16.1. Show records recently closed

17. Generate and Print P60

18. NINO Verification request

18.1. RTI file should be created

18.2. Statutory notification panel should be updated

19. EPS

19.1. RTI file should be created

20. HMRC Payroll Notifications

20.1. Import XML file containing NINO Verification replies and Generic Notifications

21. View All Statutory Notifications

21.1. This panel should be updated with all of the above RTI/P45/P60, etc.… files generated

22. Delete current payroll process

22.1. Run Calculate Pay - this will create a pay history for all relevant records

22.2. Run Delete current payroll process - this should remove the pay history previously created by Calculate Pay

23. View and Unlock payroll process

23.1. This should view the current pay dates for all payrolls on the database (the unlock can only be used when one of the payroll processing programs crash)

24. Tax code suffix update

24.1. Check tax code history panel to make sure it is updated for appropriate members