Supply Chain digitization

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Supply Chain digitization by Mind Map: Supply Chain digitization

1. Late shipments

1.1. Things to look at

1.1.1. Is 4% late delivery okay?

1.1.2. How does late delivery affect LZ profitability

1.1.3. Specific vendors leading to late deliveries

1.1.4. Late deliveries to particular clients

1.1.5. Late deliveries to specific locations

1.1.6. Late deliveries due to specific reasons

1.2. Data/Information Required

1.2.1. %age of late deliveries - Require total orders vs late orders

1.2.2. Talk to customer rep

1.2.3. Talk to account manager

1.2.4. Talk to Supply chain people

2. Customer level forecast

2.1. Tracking usage

2.1.1. Sensor technology Sensors for manufacturing Not Exploring yet Sensors for delivery and tracking usage Where?

2.1.2. Get their data access?

2.2. How do customers forecast?

2.2.1. Get LZ Order data Can we help them forecast w/o tacking usage? Is their demand really random?

2.3. Business continuity

2.4. Get you rown storage