Honey Bee's

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Honey Bee's by Mind Map: Honey Bee's

1. Why not the Bumble Bee's Honey?

1.1. Bumble Bee's Go off on their own to find pollen in flowers, if the find a bad spot they go off to look for another place. Once they find a good place they get the nectar go back to the hive and share their secret spot with no-bee.

1.2. They are selfish and only get food for themselfs their young and their Queen Bee.

2. Fun Facts/did you know?

2.1. Honey bees Look a lot different from wasps.

2.2. Ants are a type of wasp, and a long time ago, had wings.

3. Interesting Facts

3.1. Their are two types of Bee's:... social and the solitary Bee.

3.2. The average body size of a Bumble Bee is 19-38mm and the average body side of the Honey Bee is 5-15mm.

3.3. A Female Wasps stinger in Poisonous.

4. How do you tell the difference between a Bumble Bee and a Honey Bee?

4.1. The Bumble Bee has smooth back legs where as the Honey Bee has Hairy Back legs with pollen baskets.

4.2. Worker Bumble Bee: Can give mutable stings. Worker Honey Bee: Can only give one sting.

4.3. The Average lifespan of the Bumble Bee is at least 1 year, whereas the Average lifespan of a Honey Bee is about 6 weeks.


5.1. Honey Is made By Bees as you probably already know, but do you know how they make it? Honey Bees basically vomit out the sugar from the Honey/pollen they collected, and hold it out on their tongues and let in dry in the warm air, Then they put it in a honey comb and wax over in store for the winter.