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Story Ideas by Mind Map: Story Ideas

1. Idea 2

1.1. A news report, akin to the War of the Worlds radio broadcast, which details surreal events happening, such as strange objects emerging from the sky, visuals forming on everyday objects from clothing to buildings, and doppelgängers appearing

2. Phenomenology - human perception

2.1. object appearing/dissapearing/reappearing

2.2. protagonist's reality falling apart

2.3. cognitive dissonance

2.3.1. protagonist seeing object which shouldn't be there - fantastical occurences protagonist natural motivation to resolve this dissonance acceptance refusal to accept termination of life to prevent madness

3. Simulacrum

3.1. Character living in a simulated reality

3.1.1. Knowing his reality is simulated is it possible?

3.1.2. Not knowing

3.1.3. Discovery Conflict

4. Graphical Elements

4.1. encompassing the world/reality

4.2. benevolent

4.2.1. attempting to informing and helping the protagonist

4.3. malevolent

4.3.1. attempting to destroy and harm the protagonist

4.4. Graphics acting as the antagonist

4.4.1. part of the narrative itself

5. Idea 1

5.1. The story follows a man through his daily life as he begins to questions his reality. He suspects something is wrong as surreal events, such as graphical elements consuming objects all around him, bring forth this suspicion. The story culminates with the realisation that there is no escaping this supposedly malevolent occurrence. Possible open/ambiguous ending.

6. Idea 3

6.1. A man documents, in his journal, his last words and final thoughts before we assume he will die or be killed. His narration as he writes has an air or panic, as he awaits death. He chronicles surreal events which have happened to him throughout his life, events like people vanishing in thin air, object disappearing and reappearing, déjà vu - events which he cannot explain caused by something unknown. He explains how he tracked down the source of these mysterious occurrences only to later regret it. The story climaxes with the pen he is writing with, the paper he is writing on and his trembling hand disintegrating and turning into dust.