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STEM by Mind Map: STEM

1. Empowerment Technologies

1.1. Learnt how to use Photoshop

1.2. Learnt how to use Microsoft stuffs.

1.3. Learnt How to use G-mail

2. General Mathematics

2.1. I've learned how to solve a situational problem.

2.2. I've learned that there's always a constant present to a Variable.

2.3. I've learned that when it comes to Mr. Dulaca performances counts.

3. Pre-Calculus

3.1. I've learned that dying on this subject was as easy as a snap of your fingers.

3.2. I've learned all about Conic sections

3.3. Things are getting harder than I thought of it.

4. Oral Communication in Context

4.1. I've learned the Models of communication

4.2. It taught me how to be an independent human being.

4.3. So far was the best subject for me.

5. Philosophy

5.1. I've learned a lot of things about Karma

5.2. Has taught me the holistic was of living.

5.3. And essays there was the best parr of such a subject

6. Filipino

6.1. I've learned what "wika" is .

6.2. I've learned the history on how 'Filipino" became our national language.

6.3. It has showed me that we must also value our traditions , cultures and such for it composes our real structure it composed ourselves as a Filipino

7. Physical Education

7.1. I've learned the proper posture when dancing.

7.2. There's nothing more important than to enjoy things up.

7.3. P.E ain't just a subject coz it's our life .

8. Science

8.1. I've learned how non-renewable resources affects our daily lives.

8.2. Also green house gasses are increasing and it's all because of us humans.

8.3. Trees are slowly depleting and soon enough , animals won't have anything to go to.

9. Bible

9.1. I've learned the books of Torah

9.2. The Creation

9.3. And on how Adam and Eve fell from the trap of that demon that led to the fall of us humans.