Cell phone

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Cell phone by Mind Map: Cell phone

1. They also include useful applications such as calculators and alarm clocks.

2. Cell phones include other systems for enjoyment such as cameras and games.

2.1. Agree launch date

2.2. Finalize copy!

3. Cell phone made our lives easier by allowing us to get on to the internet from anywhere (3G).

4. Other applications

5. handy

5.1. You can control your cell phone with one hand.

5.2. Cell phone is very handy, you can put it anywhere you want.

6. communicate faster

6.1. Enabled people to communicate faster.

6.1.1. High Priority

6.1.2. Medium Priority

6.1.3. Low Priority

6.2. Faster than sending letters.

6.2.1. Not Started

6.2.2. 25% complete

6.2.3. 50% complete

6.2.4. 75% complete

6.2.5. Done

6.3. You can communicate directly even from long distances.

6.3.1. Flags

6.3.2. Icons