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Politics by Mind Map: Politics

1. Governments

1.1. California

1.1.1. Governor Gavin Newsom

1.1.2. State Senator Melissa Melendez District 28

1.1.3. State Senator Ben Hueso (D) District 40

1.1.4. Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia (D) 56th District

1.1.5. California Natural Resources Agency CA Dept of Water Resources 8.1994 CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife CA State Parks, Salton Sea State Park Secretary CNRA Wade Crowfoot Assistant Secretary of Salton Sea Policy Arturo Delgado

1.1.6. Salton Sea Authority 6.1993 Imperial County Riverside County Phil Rosentrater IID CV Water District Torres Martinez Indians

1.1.7. California Energy Commission

1.1.8. UC Riverside- School of Policy Salton Sea Summit Salton Sea Summit 2019 Take Aways

1.1.9. Salton Sea Management Program 10-Year Plan Committee

1.1.10. QSA JPA IID About Us CVWD About Us SDWA About Us Ca Dept of Fish & Wildlife Salton Sea Monitoring & Assessment Plan Salton Sea Program

1.2. Federal

1.2.1. U.S. Dept of the Interior U.S. Bureau of Reclamation U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sonny Bono Refuge U.S. Geological Survey, Cal Desert U.S. Bureau of Land Management MOU - DOI and CNRA 8/31/2016

1.2.2. Bureau of Reclamation - Lower Colorado Region, Salton Sea

1.2.3. U.S. Dept of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue

1.3. Private

1.3.1. Salton Sea Action Committee Juan DeLara Dennis Reiger Alan Pace Paul Quill Melanie Cox Andy Vossler Matthew Johnson Robert "Bob" Wright

1.4. Counties

1.4.1. Imperial County Ryan Kelley District 4 Imperial Irrigation District IID

1.4.2. Riverside County V. Manuel Perez Fourth District Coachella Valley Water District CVWD

1.4.3. San Diego County Greg Cox District 1 San Diego County Water Authority SDCWA

1.4.4. Los Angeles County Hilda Solis District 1 Metropolitan Water District - (MWD) Salton Sea search

1.4.5. San Bernadino County Curt Hagman Fourth District

1.4.6. Orange County Lisa Barlett Fifth District

2. Funding

2.1. Funding for Salton Sea Mitigation & Management Summary 6.2019

2.2. Timeline - 2003 to 2017, A History

2.3. Funding Sources

2.3.1. California State Salton Sea Funding and Feasibility Action Plan - 2016 Cost Estimates Phase 1: 10-Year Plan - 2018 Salton Sea Restoration Bond - Proposition 84 Proposition 1 $80.5 million Proposition 84 Newsom potential $220 Million Bond Regional Conservation Program - $7.5 million Wetlands Habitat California Wildlife Conservation Board - $14 million Wetland Habitat Restoration Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) -Salton Sea Status Update 8.18 Riverside County allocates $350k 12.17.19

2.3.2. Federal U.S. Senate Farm Bill 2018 Implementing the Farm Bill - Committee Hearing 10.19 $90 Million eligible for Salton Sea 12.18 EDF Summary of 2018 Farm Bill Water Resources Development Act Senate Bill 612 - $30 million USMCA $300 Million for Border Pollution Clean-up- 1.31.20

3. Emergency Procedure Process

3.1. County

3.1.1. Imperial Emergency Declaration Document IID Support Letter 11.19 Letter to Governor 1.20 Newsom's Reply Letter IC Seeks to Declare Imperial County Supervisor's Meeting - Emergency Declaration, Item 19 @ 1:03:33

3.2. State

3.2.1. California Office of Emergency Services Director Mark Ghilarducci

3.3. Federal

3.3.1. FEMA

3.4. Emergency Declarations

3.4.1. General Emergency Authority Fact Sheet

4. Breaking Point Movie Trailer - 2015