Using MindMeister in the Classroom

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Using MindMeister in the Classroom by Mind Map: Using MindMeister in the Classroom

1. What is MindMeister?

1.1. An online graphic organizer/mapping tool that lets you develop and share ideas digitally.

1.2. It works great for brainstorming, note taking, and lesson planning!

1.3. MindMeister is free to use the basic version.

2. Pros of MindMeister

2.1. Easy to navigate and create mind maps with the basic features.

2.2. The mindmap can easily be shared and collaborated on by multiple students at a time.

2.3. Allows one to include other multimedia directly in the mind map.

2.4. Allows for students to get their ideas into an organized visual diagram.

2.5. Can be used on computers and mobile devices.

3. How can I use MindMeister in my classroom?

3.1. As a teacher, you can use Mindmeister to map out lesson plans or activities, or even organize an entire unit. It is also a great way to present information to students, as any mind map can be turned into a slideshow with a click of a button!

3.2. As a student, they can brainstorm a discussion, organize their ideas for papers and projects, and even study for tests and quizzes.

3.3. MindMeister allows for online collaboration & discussion between students, as even the whole call can be working on the same mind map at the same time!

4. Cons of Mindmeister

4.1. Costs money to have access to all features.

4.2. Probably too advanced for Kindergarten or 1st graders to utilize.

4.3. Would require all students have an electronic device in order to all collaborate.

5. MindMeister in my Future Classroom

5.1. I personally see myself using MindMiester now and in my future classroom. I think it is an easy way to organize a lesson plan, project, activity, or even an entire unit plan in one place that can even be shared with advisors, fellow teachers, and parents (so they know what their students are learning!). it is a way to keep my pedagogy in check and organized. However, whether or not I would also have my students using it would depend upon their age level. If my students were at the level where they could use a computer/device on their own, I think having them create a MindMeister mind map as part of a project or lesson (indepentantly or as a group) would be a great class activity or assessment.