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eTOM by Mind Map: eTOM
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1.1 CRM-Support & Readiness

1.1.10 Manage Customer Inventory

1.1.11 Manage Product Offering Inventory

1.1.12 Manage Sales Inventory

1.4 Selling

1.4.1 Manage Prospect

1.4.2 Qualify & Educate Customer

1.4.3 Negotiate Sales

1.4.4 Acquire Customer Data

1.4.5 Cross/Up Selling

1.5 Order Handling

1.5.1 Determine Customer Order Feasibility

1.5.2 Authorize Credit

1.5.3 Track & Manage Customer Order Handling

1.5.4 Complete Customer Order, customer information update, create billing info? (or in issue customer order)

1.5.5 Issue Customer Order, feasibility assessment, ensure all nessesary information, handle related work, Initiate provisioning activities, change to previously issued customer order, cancellation of previously initiated customer order, cancellation of previously purchased specific service, create order record

1.5.6 Report Customer Order Handling

1.5.7 Close Customer Order