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1.1. Key Problem: Entrepreneurs have difficulty establishing themselves on the local/international scene, due to a lack of expertise/knowledge/experience.

1.2. The average individual has no idea how to start a business and are unaware of what steps are necessary to promote business growth.

1.3. Entrepreneurs have no direct links into the industry they want to establish a business in

1.4. Entrepreneurs have an inadequate supply of readily available resources, crucial in navigating in the industry upon which they desire to launch their business.


2.1. Media Type/Form

2.1.1. Creation of a Website

2.1.2. Best Solution: Creation of a Software Application - Mobile App Target Audience Jamaican Entrepreneurs aged 18 - 30 Why this demographic? Purpose/Functions To support and aid in the establishment of a mentorship programme for up - and - coming entrepreneurs To promote collaboration between well-established and newly established business ventures, both locally and internationally. Features In-app messaging facilities Camera (Video conferencing feature) Information Library - Resource Center Benefits Aids in the formation of connections between experienced, multi-million dollar corporations and newly created and established business Facilitates mentorship of new businesses through the provision of exclusive information/knowledge/expertise from business powerhouses, to newly created or small scale businesses Promotes business growth and integration among all parties involved How it Works This app connects/establishes entrepreneurs with mentees through a filing system; taking into consideration the industry, goals and current state of the individual's business The app connects Mentees with available Mentors (called Magnates on the app) Mentees sign up and supply information crucial for the Magnate - Mentee pairing process. This kind of information include: Personal Information, Information on the status of the business, Business Issues, Goals/Vision for the Business. Magnates are paid by the app for providing expertise through a defined pairing system In the Resource section of the app, there will be a information bar supplying information on the business start up process among other crucial informative resources - in the form of links, articles, powerpoint presentations, webinars. Origins of the App App Name: "iMagnate" --> 'Magnate' --> "A wealthy and influential businessman or businesswoman" (Dictionary.com)

2.1.3. Creation of Video