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Organelles by Mind Map: Organelles
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The nucleus works like a garbage bag because it protects the garbage from coming out, like how the nucleus protects the DNA .

Stores DNA and RNA

DNA knows how to make proteins RNA is brought to the ribosomes to make proteins

Make or Modify Macromolecules

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

The smooth ER works like the Apple company because the company creates different products, just like how the smooth ER modifies both carbohydrates and lipids. The Smooth ER sends modified carbs and lipids to be broken down for energy by mitochondria.

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

The rough ER works like a factory because the factory contains people who make a product, just like how the rough ER contains ribosomes, where proteins are made.

Golgi Apparatus

Golgi apparatus works like a shipping place because the shipping place checks to see if the product is good and sends it to the recipient, just like how the golgi apparatus checks and modifies proteins before they send it to different parts of the cell.


Ribosomes work like a factory because the factory is where products are made, not what makes the products, just like how ribosomes are where proteins are made, not what make the proteins. Ribosomes are broken down by lysosomes when they become old and worn out. Ribosomes are usually found int he rough ER.

Make Energy


Mitochondria works like a rechargeable battery because mitochondria obtains energy from carbs and lipids, just like a rechargeable battery gets energy from getting it charged.


Chloroplast works like a flashlight because it uses the sun's energy to convert water and carbon dioxide to sugar, like how the flashlight converts the battery's energy to light energy. Chloroplasts produce oxygen after photosynthesis, which is used by mitochondria to produce ATP.

Store Products


The vacuole works like a water balloon because the balloon grows when water is stored in it just like how the vacuole helps the cell grow because of water. The vacuole applies pressure to the cell wall to keep it sturdy while the cell wall is hard enough to keep the cell from bursting from too much water in the vacuole.


The lysosome is like a garbage compressor because the garbage compressor breaks down garbage like how the lysosome breaks down used substances in the cell.

Give Shape and Structure

Cell Wall

The cell wall works like the brick wall of a building because the wall makes it hard for the building to collapse, just like how the cell wall makes it hard for the cell to break open.


The cytoskeleton works like a Ziploc bag because the bag holds products inside and can change its shape easily, just like how cytoskeletons hold the cell organelles together and can change its shape easily.