Progress Claim

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Progress Claim by Mind Map: Progress Claim

1. Admin

1.1. 2. Client agreed on how much to pay

1.1.1. Invoice proposal 3. Find out transactions related to progress claim 4. Do fee journal adjustment (make 'No_charge' to 'Charge') 5. Make the final invoice proposal amount equals progress claim 6. Submit the invoice proposal to PM

2. Accountant

2.1. P&L revenue

2.1.1. Transactions with Line Property: Charge, Transaction status: Posted Not in Invoice proposal 8. Change all the 'Charge' but not 'Invoiced' transactions to 'No_Charge' (Send email to sites) In P&L Revenue

3. PM

3.1. 1. lists how much going to claim from clients

3.1.1. 7. Check if the Invoice amount = Process claim amount