The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic by Mind Map: The Roman Republic

1. The Orgins Of Rome

1.1. The First Romans

1.1.1. they were latins, greeks, and etruscans

1.2. Romes Geography

1.2.1. it was built on seven rolling hills near the center of the italian peninsula.

2. The Early Republic

2.1. patricians and plebeians

2.1.1. patricians are wealthy landowners. plebeians are common farmers and merchants most of the population.

2.2. twelve tables

2.2.1. the law code written for the people were written on twelve tables.

2.3. government under the republic

2.3.1. consuls were the two officials of rome. senate was the aristocritic branch of romes government. dictator had absolute power and command of the army.

2.4. the roman army

2.4.1. legions roman soldiers were organized into large military units.

3. Rome Spreads its Power

3.1. rome conquers italy

3.1.1. rome had diffrent laws and diffrent treatment for diffrent parts they conquered.

3.2. romes commercial network

3.2.1. romes location gave it easy access to the riches of the lands ringing the mediterranean sea.

3.3. war with carthage

3.3.1. punic wars were between 264 and 146 b.c. they fought three wars.

3.3.2. hannibal mastermind behind the war

3.4. rome triumphs

3.4.1. general named scipio divised a plan to attack carthage.

3.4.2. romes victorys in the punic wars gave it dominance over the western mediterranean.