TNC Maine: Climate Conservation Campaign

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TNC Maine: Climate Conservation Campaign by Mind Map: TNC Maine: Climate Conservation Campaign

1. 1: Communication

1.1. Bridges

1.1.1. Existing Relationships Leverage trust

1.1.2. Initial Donor Inquiry Discover CC position/motivators

1.1.3. Illuminate Barriers Reveal to remove

1.2. Barriers

1.2.1. Multivalent Nature Masks clear & immediate threat

1.2.2. Confirmation Bias Filter info to confirm existing view

1.2.3. Social Cues Adopt attitudes from the tribe

1.2.4. Bystander Effect Inaction inspired by others' inaction

1.2.5. False Consensus Effect Echo Chamber distortion of truth

2. 3: Competency

2.1. TNC Maine

2.1.1. Future Forests Conservation CC impact

2.1.2. River Restoration CC impact

2.1.3. Ocean Management CC impact

2.1.4. Policy & Funding CC impact

2.1.5. Cutting-Edge Science CC impact

2.1.6. People/Nature Connections CC impact

2.1.7. Global Collaborations CC impact

2.2. TNC Inernational

2.2.1. Policy Carbon Pricing Clean Energy/Emissions Mandates Electrification/Grid Modernization Funding Innovation Investing in Nature-Based Solutions

2.2.2. Finacial Solutions Blue Bonds Insuring Natural Infrastructure

2.2.3. Nature Solutions Reducing Deforestation Reforestation Forest Management Soil Health Improvements

2.2.4. Blue Solutions Blue Carbon Natural Resilience

2.2.5. Smart Development Degraded Land Siting Urban Planning for CC

3. 2: Connections

3.1. R. Carson

3.1.1. TNC ME cofounder/Climate change prophet

3.2. Maine

3.2.1. Mixed Forestland CC Resilience

3.2.2. Inland Waterways CC Resilience

3.2.3. Gulf of ME, Coast CC Resilience

3.2.4. People Indigenous Peoples Sustainable climate impact Loggers, farmers, fishermen Mixed climate impact Current population Unknown climate impact

3.3. World

3.3.1. Cumulative Target of chain above