On-time, On-Target Manager by Ken Blanchard

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On-time, On-Target Manager by Ken Blanchard by Mind Map: On-time, On-Target Manager by Ken Blanchard

1. Manager Bob

1.1. Puts off things until last minute (aka last-minute manager)

1.2. Procrastinator

1.2.1. Missed deadlines

1.2.2. Poor work quality

1.2.3. Stress to himself & others

1.3. Lack of priorities

1.4. Lack of focus

1.5. In denial

1.5.1. Rationalizes

1.5.2. Justifies

1.5.3. Explains

1.6. About to get fired

2. 3P Strategy on dealing with procrastination

2.1. Priority

2.1.1. Triage Distinguish between important & unimportant YES Want to do and have to do Have to do but don't want to do MAYBE Want to do but don't have to do NO Don't want to do and don't have to do

2.1.2. What to do and when to do it

2.1.3. Not letting meaningless tasks raise to top of priority list

2.1.4. Activity ≠ Productivity ≠ Results

2.1.5. Learn when to say no

2.2. Propriety

2.2.1. Definitions Proper quality Correct behavior Accepted standards

2.2.2. Bill of Rights Do the right thing Do it for the right reasons Do it with the right people Do it at the right time Do it in the right order Do it with intensity Do it for the right results

2.3. Commitment

2.3.1. Different from interest Lots of excuses Doesn't always result in action

2.3.2. Gets the job done, no matter what

2.3.3. Whatever you do, do it with all your might

2.3.4. I gotta wanna What do you wanna do? Why do you wanna do it?

2.3.5. Committed to yourself, family, friends, and career