detailing the behaviours that made K a "stalker" in my mind

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Stalker by Mind Map: Stalker

1. abuse

1.1. nasty emails sent to me after I asked him to stop

1.1.1. stated emails were "necessary" to "vent"

1.2. refusing to quit contacting me after I asked him to stop

1.3. refusing to leave at night after I said I didn't want to talk

1.4. calling me names because of my personal choices

1.4.1. refusing to allow me to sleep

1.5. continuing to push subjects until I broke down

1.6. fake text message

1.7. childish email, text and comments

2. obsessing

2.1. living together

2.2. having a future

2.3. being friends

2.4. what I do with my life

2.5. having his "say"

2.5.1. about my divorce

2.5.2. about my religion

2.5.3. about my dating

2.5.4. about my changes

2.5.5. about my personality

2.5.6. about my children

2.5.7. about my flaws

2.5.8. about where things went wrong

3. childish behaviour

3.1. sending "vent" emails

3.2. sending emails designed to scare me

3.3. blog comments to try to make me contact him

3.4. Facebook comments

3.5. threatening text messages

3.6. making up fake "text messages" to worry me into talking to him

3.7. obsessive text messaging

3.8. crying in front of my kids

3.9. threatening suicide or self harm

4. threats

4.1. to forward things to my ex

4.2. to help my ex take my kids away

4.3. to drop by

5. whining

5.1. that he wants to die

5.2. that I was his first real friend

5.3. to give him another chance

5.3.1. to start without the baggage

5.3.2. to start as friends again

5.4. that he gave up time with his son

5.4.1. that I didnt' like his kid

5.4.2. that I didn't want him around my kids

5.5. that I wasn't doing things he expected me to

5.5.1. his vision of who I was

5.5.2. his view of what I liked to do my hobbies my interests the things I wanted to explore activities I wanted to take up didn't join things with him

5.5.3. his view of what I had to do to "practice" my religion that he wasn't included in my spiritual path that I didn't set up an altar fast enough that I didn't join a Pagan group that I didn't buy Pagan books that I didn't do the Pagan rituals he decided I needed in my life that I didn't do a podcast

5.5.4. that my interests changed

5.5.5. that my legal situation wasn't up for his input

6. guilt

6.1. because he bought gifts

6.2. money he spent

6.2.1. on things for me

6.2.2. to get his life in order

6.3. that he helped me when I needed it

6.4. that he changed for me

6.5. that I misrepresented myself to him

6.6. undisclosed things he did for me