Corona Virus Self Isolation Survival Kit

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Corona Virus Self Isolation Survival Kit by Mind Map: Corona Virus Self Isolation Survival Kit

1. Organize Your Space

2. Make a Schedule

3. Engage in Some Self-Care

4. Give Yourself a Manicure

5. Sort Out your Paperwork

6. Divide the Chores

7. Clean your Phone

8. Catch Up on Emails

9. Video Call your Friends

10. Call your Grandparents

11. Listen to your Grandparents’ Stories

12. Pick Up a new Hobby

13. Self-Reflect

14. Pray

15. De-Stress Yourself

16. Become a Plant-Parent

17. Start a Vegetable Garden

18. Spend Time with Your Pets

19. Teach your Pet Tricks

20. Read a Book

21. Try a Magazine

22. Give Audiobooks a Go

23. Freelance and Earn from Home

24. Try a New Recipe

25. Binge-watch a New Show

26. Movie-time with your Family

27. Pick up a Paint Brush

28. Learn How to Draw

29. Keep your Creativity up with DIY Activities

30. Redecorate your House

31. Bring out the Board-games

32. Complete a Puzzle

33. Bake some Treats

34. Listen to a Podcast

35. Watch an Informative Documentary

36. Netflix to your Heart’s Content

37. Sing on your Balcony

38. Nap

39. Sell Unused Things on the Internet

40. Play Games with your Family

41. Play Games Online

42. Indulge in Arts and Crafts

43. Have a Picnic

44. Camp Out

45. Photograph Sunsets and Sunrises

46. Do a Photo-shoot

47. Get to Editing

48. Play a Prank on your Family

49. Practice your Makeup Skills

50. Do a YouTube Challenge

51. Build a Fort

52. Learn a Magic Trick

53. Find your Inner Author

54. Start a Blog

55. Start an Instagram Page

56. Learn a New Language

57. Take Online Courses

58. Learn a New Instrument

59. Expand your Taste in Music

60. Record a Song

61. Write a Song

62. Play Video Games

63. Play Card Games

64. Shop Online

65. Learn a new Software

66. Watch Home Videos

67. Find Old Photographs

68. Make a Collage

69. Start an Art Journal

70. Make a Memory Box

71. Listen to Old Music

72. Do a Karaoke Night

73. Make up a new Dance Routine

74. Learn a Tik Tok Dance

75. Make a Pen Pal

76. Read Up on History

77. Cut your Hair

78. Compile a Family Tree

79. Learn More About your Ancestors

80. Make an App

81. Do a Formal Night

82. Make S’mores

83. Play Indoor Sports

84. Go Live on Instagram

85. Make a Vlog or Video

86. Do a Movie Marathon

87. Make Use of Netflix Party

88. Empty Out you Fridge or Freezer

89. Watch Funny Video Compilations

90. Make a Bucket-list

91. Make Resolutions

92. Keep Yourself Physically Active

93. Stay Socially Connected

94. Look Out for Others

95. Donate

96. Take a Break from the People Around You

97. Accept the Circumstances

98. Wash Your Hands

99. Do Some Reorganizing

100. Raise Awareness

101. Get to Tidying