Coronavirus Mindmap

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Coronavirus Mindmap by Mind Map: Coronavirus Mindmap

1. What are the effects on people's mental health?

1.1. Negatively

1.1.1. Loneliness People need to stay at home because of the lock down. Many single people have to stay by themselves. This disease may cause a depressive episode.

1.1.2. Traumetric Stress People subject to quarantine will always worry about whether they are healthy or not. Even in the future, this issue will still affect them. They will fall in panic if there are some deseases outbreak again.

1.1.3. Anxiety People during this time always worry about their safety and health. For instance, they think they are dirty so that they keep washing their hands.

1.2. Positively

1.2.1. People have more time to stay with their families People can feel the love from their family members. Family members will become closer.

1.2.2. People have more time to relax People can stay at home relax and they can learn something new to enrich theirselves. But their trade-off are they can't stay with their friends, classmates, teachers and etc.

2. How does stay at home and learn from home affect people's motivation and productivity?

2.1. Students are not as active as when they are studying in school because their teachers are not in charge of them all the time. Both students and teachers are lacking of a good environment to work and study.

2.2. Many people work at home are not as hardworking as when they are in their offices as well. Because many areas lock down. Their customers won't buy from them now so they will relax themselves during this time. Though many people work at home now, they can't get the same salaries as usual. So many people give up to work as hard as usual. All of us are humans, we are easy to be affected by the environmet. Home is a place for us to relax instead of a place working. People will be easy to be affected by their family members and something else.

2.2.1. Pure market workers will be affected the most because their products are very basic such as grains and rice. Their markets are always not online. They can't sell their produts to their consumers. But before locking down, their products are very popular. Because people need those basic goods to survive. For example, people crushed into the supermarket before Malaysia locked down. But on the 21st of March, I went to Aeon, there was almost no people there and many foods and vegetables left there.

2.2.2. Pure Monopoly won't be affected too much. Because people can only buy their products from them. Even during this time, their products still can be sold to their consumers. Because they always have online shopping websites. For example, Apple released a new product recently, the lock down doesn't affect their releasing too much. Many people around me still buy the new ipad both online and from the physical stores.

3. What is Coronavirus?

3.1. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

3.2. What can we do to prevent this disease?

3.2.1. Wash your hand frequently!!

3.2.2. Maintain social distancing

3.2.3. Avoid touching your nose, eyes and face

3.2.4. Wear masks when you go outside

3.3. where did it originate from?

3.3.1. The outbreak is associated with exposures in one seafood market in Wuhan.

3.4. When did it first surface?

3.4.1. Chinese authorities were treating dozens of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause on December 31st.

3.4.2. China reported its first death on January 11th.

4. How coronovirus affects the economy?

4.1. China

4.1.1. The reason I talk about China is because China is the place that the coronavirus originated. And this is my home country!! 1. This disease affects China's economy so much. According to the reasearch, the coronavirus shock is severe even compared to the Great Financial Crisis in 2007–08, as it hit households, businesses, financial institutions, and markets all at the same time—first in China and now globally. 2. Vulnerable people are affected the most. During this time, they don't have enough moeny to survive so that the government should provide them helps. And some small businesses are affected as well. Consumers have the rights to live in a healthy environment so that they refuse to purchase goods now. Consumers income decreases now, their demands also decrease. They have too much supplies but don't have enough customers' demands. Government needs to provide lots of money to help them for example, by waiving social security fees, utility bills, and channeling credit through fintech firms. 3. This disease causes biases towards China and chinese goods. Many countries stop importing goods from china now. This causes a huge crash to China's economy. Though there are reassuring signs of economic normalization in China, China's government still needs to worry about China's Economy in the short future.

4.2. Globally

4.2.1. People who care about the economy should always take care of the world economic situations. 1. Many areas are affected now especially for tourism and airlines. People are trying to stay at home instead of going outside. Spring is always a good and popular season for poeple to travel. But this year is not as common as past. 2. Big shifts in the stock markets and that will affect many investments in pensions or individual savings accounts (ISAs). These shifts are even more serious than 2007's. Though the government did some movements, those were not strong enough to control these serious shifts. 3. The value of coal,oil and gold is affected as well. Many investors worry about their investments.