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Australia by Mind Map: Australia

1. Cities / Inhabitants

1.1. 24 million

1.2. 20% of Australians have a prisoner ancestor.

2. Australia's animals

2.1. The most dangerous snakes

2.2. crocodiles

2.3. kangaroos/koalas/wombats = marsupials (they have their baby in a pouch)

3. Sights

3.1. The Great Barrier Reef

3.2. The Opera House in Sydney

3.3. Uluru (=Ayers Rock)

4. Geography

4.1. South Hemisphere = the seasons are reverse.

4.2. Great Victoria Desert

4.3. Australia is a continent, an island and a country. It's 14 times as big as France

5. History

5.1. The aborigines are the first people in Australia.

5.2. James Cook discovered Australia. The English next colonized Australia. They sent prisoners.