Classification of Animals

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Classification of Animals by Mind Map: Classification of Animals

1. 4 groups

1.1. Birds

1.1.1. classified as two types flying birds examples flightless birds examples

1.1.2. Characteristics of Birds feathers a beak two wings two legs lays eggs Eggs protected

1.2. Fish

1.2.1. Characteristics of Fish Live in water sea water fresh water scales on body gills for breathing in water fins for swimming lays eggs

1.2.2. examples goldfish

1.2.3. special body shapes sea horses snake-eel

1.2.4. give birth to its young guppies Molly Swordtail

1.2.5. tough, leathery skin mudfish catfish

1.3. Insects

1.3.1. Characteristics of Insects six legs body parts are divided into 3 head thorax abdomen anntenae

1.3.2. Wings 2 pairs of wings butterflies 1 pair of wings fly mosquitoes no wings at all ants

1.4. Mammals

1.4.1. Characteristics of Mammals hairs Give birth to young alive feed their babies with mother's milk

1.4.2. examples cats tigers elephants whales marine mammals dolphins

1.4.3. lay eggs platypus Spiny anteater

1.4.4. vertebrate animals backboned animals

1.4.5. warm blooded temperature of body does not change with the temperature of surroundings