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Poverty by Mind Map: Poverty

1. Sandra Cisneros

1.1. "Salvador Late or Early"

1.2. Snapshot of her life

1.3. World events when "Salvador Late or Early" was written

1.4. Experience she had with poverty

2. Theme: Poverty

2.1. Definition of Poverty

2.2. Consequences of poverty throughout the world(in children, and adults)

2.3. How Sandra Cisneros faced poverty

2.4. How Gary Soto faced poverty

3. Gary Soto

3.1. "Oranges"

3.2. Snapshot of his life

3.3. World events when "Oranges" was published

3.4. Experience he had with poverty

4. Famous Painter

4.1. Name/Meaning

4.2. What was going on in the painters life when he painted it

4.3. World events when painting was painted

4.4. How poverty played a role in painters life