Input/Output Devices

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Input/Output Devices by Mind Map: Input/Output Devices

1. Flat Screen Monitor

1.1. Used to view information such as your OS and files on computer.

1.2. Benefits: The flat screen is great for more room on the desk. Easier to view.

1.3. Challenges: May require a HDMI cord.

2. Projector

2.1. Used to make images on the PC larger like movies, photos, and presentations.

2.2. Benefits: Nice large screen for the whole class to see.

2.3. Challenges: A harder device to hook up and navigate if you are unfamiliar with how it works.

3. Headset/Speakers

3.1. Used to listen to sound either aloud so everyone can hear or headset so just one person can hear.

3.2. Benefits: Able to hear sound from the computer and the headset keeps it quiet for the rest of the students in the room.

3.3. Challenges: Speakers can be to distracting to whatever else may be happening in the classroom at the time.

4. Web Camera

4.1. Used to talk via a program

4.2. Benefit: Able to talk with other classroom's or schools and branch out for learning.

4.2.1. New node

4.3. Challenge: Making sure the device is being used properly and just for learning purposes

5. Graphics Tablet

5.1. Device used to edit photos and graphics

5.2. Benefits: Easier to use than a mouse and able to use writing tool for closer details.

5.3. Challenges: This device can be tricky to use and very costly.

6. Universal Serial Bus

6.1. USB's are to save information on such as files, graphics, and video

6.2. Benefits: Very portable and small for convienence.

6.3. Challenge: Can be lost easily and files can go corrupt if not taken care of properly.

7. Input

8. Output