The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby

1. Characters

1.1. Jay Gatsby

1.1.1. Protaganist

1.2. Nick Carraway

1.2.1. Narrator

1.3. Daisy Buchanan

1.4. Tom Buchanan

1.5. Myrtle Wilson

1.6. George Wilson

1.7. Jordan Baker

1.8. Meyer Wolfsheim

1.9. Klipspringer

2. Major Theme

2.1. lack of values in a high class society

3. Setting

3.1. Time: 1922

3.2. Place: Long Island & New York

4. By Francis Scott Fitzgerald

5. Plot

5.1. The main character is a man named Jay Gatsby. It starts off with a young man named, Nick Carraway, who moves to West Egg in New York. His next door neighbor happens to be a very popular, wealthy man by the name of Jay Gatsby. When he first moves in, he becomes closer with his cousin, Daisy Buchanan and her husband, Tom. They all attend Gatsby's parties later in the summer and Nick meets his love interest, Jordan Baker. They discover Gatsby's past secret love affair with Daisy and come to understand that the affair is continuing throughout the summer. When Tom becomes suspicious of this affair, he starts accusing Gatsby of crimes and put his hate towards Daisy (despite his own affair with a woman named, Myrtle). Later, Gatsby and the crew are driving into town and he accidentally kills Myrtle with his car. When Myrtle's husband finds out Gatsby did it from Tom, he kills Gatsby and then shoots himself. Nick ends the summer with Gatsby's funeral and leaves the town of West Egg, reflecting on the relationships he once knew.

6. Rising Action

6.1. Gatsby plans to meet with Daisy at her cousin's house

7. Falling Action

7.1. Myrtle's accidental death

7.2. Daisy rejects Gatsby when he sees her

8. Climax

8.1. Tom asks Gatsby about an affair with Daisy in the Plaza Hotel

9. Resolution

9.1. Nick is at Gatsby's funeral

9.2. Leave back to Minnesota

10. Exposition

10.1. Nick moving next door to Gatsby