Every Company Is A Media Company

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Every Company Is A Media Company by Mind Map: Every Company Is A Media Company

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2. Book

2.1. Introduction

2.1.1. Every company publishes

2.1.2. Now every company has to navigate a much more complex media environment.

2.1.3. Our media has become more fragmented

2.1.4. Our media has become two-way

2.1.5. Social media represents this two-way aspect We have wired up the other end of the Internet this is the Internet on steroids

2.1.6. Everyone has access to a printing press every customer every competitor

2.1.7. The world has become more complicated social media has different rules media is fragmented The demise of mass media means you have to do it

2.1.8. Every company needs to learn how to be a media company because: it has to establish thoughtleadership it has to engage potential customers it has to prevent competitors grabing the pole position otherwise its difficult to unseat

2.1.9. Social media means being able to listen and respond

2.1.10. Every company is a media company (EC=MC) changes every aspect of your organization It changes how you communicate through your comms department It changes your marketing department how and where you advertize it changes HR and how you recruit your mix of skills in your staff It changes how you develop products it changes how you test your products it changes how you source your products how you launch products it changes your business processes It changes your IT department your hardware your software your network it changes your training programs it changes how you manage your company it changes how you measure performance of your company it changes your sales department

2.1.11. EC=MC is most probably the single most important business reengineering concept of this decade it is the point of the spear for new business for so many companies and people, it's an excuse to knock on doors, to sell products and services, (everyone has a vested interest in this)

2.1.12. Its a huge business opportunity for the companies undergoing transformation, and the companies that aid in that transformation.

2.1.13. Companies need to transform but they also need a media strategy social media is just one part of an overalll media strategy transformation without a media/business strategy won't work What is a media strategy? industry specific country (culture) specific Regeon specific Size of company

2.1.14. How to do it top leadership middle management staff

2.1.15. The Challenge: How to convince the company's leadership that EC=MC is necessary? Understanding the meaning of EC=MC cannot be fully communicated through reading about it, or being told about it. There are important aspects to this that are best understood through the experience of it, taking part in the new media world, whether through blogging, Twitter, Facebook...or leaving comments, there are many ways to experience it, and it can bring a lot of insight. Experience is important. How will CEOs, how will the C-suite "get it?" They have some time with traditional media but don't have much time to get involved in social media, how will they understand that EC=MC is the right strategy, and has the right importance within their company if they are unlikely to have any experience of the new media world? That's the challenge of this book!