‘The family has suffered at the expense of career in Singapore society.’ Is this a fair comment?

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‘The family has suffered at the expense of career in Singapore society.’ Is this a fair comment? by Mind Map: ‘The family has suffered at the expense of career in Singapore society.’ Is this a fair comment?

1. While the time that the family to bond with one another may have been slightly marginalized, especially in Singapore's highly efficient and stressful society there has been attempts by the society, employers and the government to strengthen them. While it is right to say that the family has suffered due to one's career, it is also true that the family will suffer without one. Hence to sum it all up, balance between one's career and family is key

2. No

2.1. Some Career helps to provide opportunities to unite families.

2.2. Certain career may provide opportunities for families to bond. They aim to promote the importance of a family. For example, in Singapore, events such as family day are organised for civil servants. It is to encourage them to bring their families for a day outing. Places includes zoo, theme parks, movies and etc. Through these activities, it enables families to foster bonds and strengthen their relationship. Heng Yan Jing

3. yes.

3.1. -Career limits the time used for bonding.

3.2. to expand a career is time consuming, reduces time available for family bonding and thus increasing chances of miscommunication due to a lack of time for proper communication. Teo Xiao Ting

3.3. Due to the nature of the career, some may be demanding thus affecting the relationship between family members. ~Family members may not be happy with the job they take on. Quoted example: Research suggests that negativity and cynicism build over an officer's career. Some even suggests that a cynical attitude can be seen developing in the police academy! This cynicism effects an officers relationships, especially with non-officers (like his wife!). They tend to communicate less and use humor, (often black humor), as a defense to avoid dealing with problems. As they get more entrenched in the police subculture they become more isolated from the "outside" world. ~Wives of officers tend to feel more isolated. They perceive themselves as facing the world alone. They see themselves as not in control of their lives. Heng Yan Jing

4. Thesis statement:

4.1. Yes/No

5. Conclusion

6. No

6.1. Personally,I feel that a career that can provide a stable income to a family is very important. Without a stable income, the family will be constantly worried of their everyday life. They will be deprived of privileges and luxuries. In the long run, the tough life may inevitably create unwanted ill feelings among family members. This will greatly affect relationship among the members. Hence, a career has guaranteed the family a stable life and from then, relationships can improve.

7. No

7.1. Many companies have policies and amenities for parents including maternal and paternal leave and some even have child play spaces so that mother's can leave their children there while they work

7.2. With the ability to leave for important family events such as supporting their children when they perform and birthdays, family bonds can be maintained as family members would feel less neglected as compared to when parents are tied to work perpetually.

8. Yes

8.1. Due to our competitive society, one would want to progress quickly in their career. Hence this desire to move up their career ladder quickly has resulted in many young couples to push back their plans to have children

9. Yes

9.1. In Singapore, the cost of living is very high. Thus, it is natural for working parents to focus on earning the money, because at the end of the day, they would have to bring home the bread. As such, parents will tend to concentrate on their career, to climb the career ladder to earn more money. Therefore, they spend less time with their family and the family suffers at the expense of career. Jurgen Lee

10. No

10.1. In Singapore, most workers work a five-day week, from Monday to Friday. Hence, there is time during weekends to spend with the family. For example, in my family, these precious two days are for quality family time and my family can bond over these two days. Although this is an isolated example, I think that most families in Singapore do spend time together during the weekends. Hence, the family has not suffered at the expense of career. Jurgen Lee

11. No

11.1. I believe that the family has not suffered at the expense of career. As the saying goes, " the dining table is the altar of the house". Every night, after work, families should have dinner together. This precious few hours together is for family members to talk about their day and bond, keeping family members close. Hence, the family has not suffered at the expense of career. Jurgen Lee