A Raisin in the Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

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A Raisin in the Sun By Lorraine Hansberry by Mind Map: A Raisin in the Sun   By Lorraine Hansberry

1. Themes of Main Conflicts

1.1. Racism

1.1.1. African Americans vs. Whites Mr. Lindner's comment made to Walter and Ruth when he visits them on behalf of the welcoming commitee (page 90-91).

1.2. Assimulation

1.2.1. Denial of African American Roots and Heritage Beneatha and Asagai Example: page 43 when he coments on her hair, " Asagai And it is ugly to you that way? ... And so to accommodate that-you mutilate it every week?"

1.3. Money

1.3.1. Use of insurance money

1.4. Abortion

1.4.1. Of Ruths newest baby

2. Main Character conflicts

2.1. Conflict between the white community and mama and her family moving in.

2.2. Walters conflict with Ruth on every other decission they make as a couple

2.3. The use of the insurance money attained from the death of the father

2.3.1. Between Mama and Walter

3. Main Internal Conflicts

3.1. Assimulation

3.1.1. Denial of African American Heritage Beneatha

3.2. Fight for Equality

3.2.1. Mama's right to live in the neighbor hood of her choosing.

3.3. Striving to Create a better and happier life for your Children

3.3.1. Mama's dream for her children

3.4. Ruths Decission on wether or not to have an abortion.

4. Characters with conflicting intrests with one another

4.1. Mama vs. Walter

4.1.1. Use of insurance money Example: page 74 " Walter ... So you butchered up a dream of mine-you-who always talking 'bout your children's dreams..."

4.2. Walter vs. Ruth

4.2.1. Example : page 16 " Walter That is just waht is wrong with the black woman in the world... Don't understand about building their men up and making 'em feel like they somebody. Like they can do something."

4.3. Mr. Linder vs. the family

4.3.1. Racism toward blacks in an all white neighborhood Example: page 91 " Lindner ... as I say, that for the happiness of all concerned that our Negro families are happier when they live in their own communities."

4.4. Walter vs. Beneatha

4.4.1. Walter losing all of Beneatha's money for college Example: page 102 " Walter Yessss!... All of it... It's all gone.... (There is total silence. Ruth stands with her face covered with her hands; Beneatha leans forlornly against a wall, fingering a piece of red ribbon from the mothers gift. Mama stops and looks at her son without recognition and then, quite without thinking about it, starts to beat him senselessly in the face. Beneatha goes to them and stops it.)"