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Parades 2012 by Mind Map: Parades 2012

1. Zinneke Parade in Brussels, 19th of May

1.1. Facts

1.1.1. Since 2000

1.1.2. More than 60,000 spectators

1.1.3. Zinneke' is a nickname for people from Brussels, which came from the stray dogs which hung around the streets by the Little Zenne

1.1.4. This parade was established with the aim of connecting the many different cultures, communities and districts within Brussels

2. B- Parade, Ex Love Parade in Berlin, 17th of June

2.1. Music

2.1.1. Electronic music with festival character

2.1.2. 50 music trucks will take place

2.1.3. 3 event areas with large stages

2.2. Facts

2.2.1. Free entry

2.2.2. 450.000 visitors are expected

2.2.3. The parade itself takes place from 14 pm to 23 pm. At the Brandenburger Tor, at the metro bridge "Tiergarten" and at the Hofjägerallee the event will start at 12 pm and will end at 12 am.

2.2.4. The year of foundation was 2008

2.2.5. The planned event area will stretch out over the "Street of the 17th June" from the "Brandenburger Tor" to the "Charlottenburger Brücke" and the "Hofjägerallee"

2.2.6. 25% to 30% will be visitors from foreign countries

3. 21st Street Parade Zürich, 11th of August

3.1. Music

3.1.1. Electronic music, techno and house

3.2. Facts

3.2.1. The floats start at the Utoquai at the "Zürcher Seefeldquartier". Then they circle the Zurich lake basin from Bellevue, Quaibrücke and Bürkliplatz to the Hafendamm Enge. The closing acts will be at the three stages.

3.2.2. A colorful and beautiful techno Parade around the lake basin of Zürich

3.2.3. Founded in 1992

3.2.4. Opening 1 pm to 12 am

3.2.5. 30 love floats

3.2.6. 900.000 to one million people

3.2.7. No entrance fee

4. 17th Regenbogenparade in Vienna,16th of June

4.1. Music

4.1.1. Electronic music, house and techno

4.2. Facts

4.2.1. Not only an important event for lesbians and gays, but also a symbol for tolerance and equality

4.2.2. For the first time in 1996

4.2.3. They will go around the whole Ringstreet

4.2.4. At about 2 pm the mobiles will meet between Burggarten and City hall. At 3 pm the train will be picked up by the Dykes on Bikes. At the end of the route, back to the City hall and then there will be the Pride show.

4.2.5. About 100.00 visitors are expected

4.2.6. Begins at 2 pm, ends at 11 pm

4.2.7. Free entrance

5. 86th Macy's St. Giving Parade in New York City, 22nd of November

5.1. Music

5.1.1. Bands, Live music

5.2. Facts

5.2.1. It begins at 9 am. The parade travels down Central Park West from 77th Street to Columbus Circle along Central Park South to 6th Avenue, down 6th Avenue to 34th Street and along 34th Street to Macy's Herald Square

5.2.2. A tradition since 1924

5.2.3. More than 3.5 million visitors

5.2.4. More than 50 million TV viewers nationwide

5.2.5. 1,500 dancers and cheerleaders, close to 1,000 clowns, almost 30 parade floats, a dozen marching bands, and nearly 8,000 participants

5.2.6. Begins at 9 am to 12 pm

6. Porsche Parade in France, Domaine de Chantilly, 7th to 10th of June

6.1. Facts

6.1.1. France will celebrate the closing of Porsche clubs jubilee

6.1.2. This meeting is organized every two years, the club of countries designated by the Board of Porsche Clubs worldwide.

6.1.3. Circuit, rally tourist, tourism, concours d’elegance, parade in the city, and gala events are planned

6.1.4. On Saturday, the parade through the city of Chantilly will finish in the courtyard where, after lunch, there will be many events available to participants visiting the castle

6.1.5. The day will end with an aperitif in the courtyard of the castle followed by a gala dinner dance. The weekend will conclude with a brunch on Sunday morning

7. Puerto Rican Day Parade, 10th of June

7.1. Music

7.1.1. Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Latin Music

7.2. Facts & History

7.2.1. It takes place annually along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

7.2.2. To honor the nearly 4 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico and over 4 million people of Puerto Rican birth or heritage residing in the United States

7.2.3. This year the Parade celebrates Puerto Ricans and Higher Education

7.2.4. The first parade was held in 1958

7.2.5. Begins at the Fifth Avenue and 44th Street and proceed uptown along Fifth Avenue to 79th Street

7.2.6. Begins at 11 am to 5 pm