Multiple difficulties in children

Authority which can meet the multiple challenges children to the Child Protection

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Multiple difficulties in children by Mind Map: Multiple difficulties in children

1. Parents

1.1. Failed - sick

1.1.1. social workers Action Educational Therapists (AED) Action in Educational Open mid (AEMO)

1.2. Deceased - Neglecting-abusers

1.2.1. Council President or General Prosecutor Placing Child Protection

2. Child welfare

2.1. family assistant

2.2. House of Character in Children's Social

2.3. Place to live

3. County House of People with Disabilities (MDPH)

3.1. schooling

3.1.1. Medical-educational institute (IME)

3.1.2. Institute therapeutic, educational and teaching

3.2. Primary insurance fund (CPAM)

3.2.1. Psychiatric care without hospitalization The community mental health centers (CMP) Health centers of educational psychology (CMPP) Therapeutic workshops

3.2.2. Psychiatric care in hospital The inpatient hospitalization in psychiatry (CHS, or hospitals psychatriques) The day hospital (HDJ) The hospital at night Crisis centers

4. judicial

4.1. Delinquency - Ordinance 1945

4.1.1. Homes and centers of educational activity (CAE)

4.1.2. The educational centers ( CER )

4.1.3. Closed educational centers (CEF)

4.1.4. Immediate placement centers ( CPI )

4.1.5. Centers of educational activity in the open (CAE)

4.1.6. Day centers

4.1.7. Authorized the voluntary sector