Humanistic Therapy

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Humanistic Therapy by Mind Map: Humanistic Therapy

1. Methods Of Treatment

1.1. Client-Centered Therapy

1.1.1. Focusing on the persons conscious self-perceptions rather than on the therapist's own interpretations.

1.2. Active Listening

1.2.1. Echoing, restating, and seeking clarification of what the person expresses (verbally and nonverbally) and acknowledging the expressed feelings.

2. Encourages

2.1. Genuineness

2.2. Acceptance

2.3. Emapthy

3. Hints In Actively Listening In a Relationship

3.1. Paraphrase

3.2. Invite Clarification

3.3. Reflect Feelings

4. Includes

4.1. gestalt therapy

4.2. existential therapy

4.3. client-centered therapy

5. Pyschologist

5.1. Carl Rogers

5.2. Abraham Maslow