Policies related to e-Waste Management in Tanzania

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Policies related to e-Waste Management in Tanzania by Mind Map: Policies related to e-Waste Management in Tanzania

1. National Environmental policy

1.1. Guarantees sustainability, security and an equitable use of resources

1.1.1. Sets an overall framework for environmental management

2. National Trade Policy

2.1. Increasing efficiency and linkage in domestic production

2.1.1. Value creation from e-waste can contribute to the policy

3. National Health Policy

3.1. Advance the health of Tanzanians with particular attention to those at high risks

3.1.1. Promotes safe disposal of hazardous wastes

4. National Science and Technology Policy

4.1. Encourages the use of science and technology as means of economic development

4.1.1. Capacity building on e-waste management, research and development

5. The SMEs Enterprises Development Policy

5.1. Promotes job creation and income generation

5.1.1. e-Waste recycling activities can lead to SMEs dealing with e-waste management

6. The Sustainable Industrial Development Policy

6.1. Achieving sustainable industrial development

6.1.1. Promotes pollution free industrialization and sustainable use of resiurces

7. Human Settlement Development Policy

7.1. Guarantees sustainable human settlement

7.1.1. Solid Waste pollution should not endanger human settlements. e-Waste is a form of solid waste

8. National Water Policy

8.1. Guarantees participation of beneficiaries in planning and management of community based water resources

8.1.1. Prevents water pollution. Effective e-Waste management prevents water pollution

9. National ICT Policy

9.1. Provides national framework for ICT to contribute in economic development

9.1.1. Recycling ofe-Waste may result in collaboration between manufacturers, designers and users

10. National Energy Policy

10.1. Guarantees availability of reliable power supply

10.1.1. fosters the use of energy efficient equipments. promotes the use of electrical and electronic equipments hence e-waste generation