Geog- India Case Study

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Geog- India Case Study by Mind Map: Geog- India Case Study

1. Tamil Nadu

1.1. Southern state

1.1.1. many jobs for women in banking etc. creating a lot of buzz in families to start considering girls

2. NOTE: govt doesn't really give a shit, unlike strict policies like China's one child policy


3.1. govt incentives to families who raise girls (US$3000)

3.2. social workers sent to rural parts to educate women on birth control methods

3.2.1. rural parts have the most imbalanced sex ratioes

3.3. social workers teach women new skills to supplement income therefore more money to give children education and healthcare

3.4. although there are a couple of solutions, the most important thing to change is the deeply ingrained social value and belief that males are the best

4. Other Statistics

4.1. India loses 7000 girls every day through abortion

4.2. 914 girls for every 1000 boys

4.3. 10 million females lost to abortion over past two decades

4.4. India has to create 6 million jobs every year

4.4.1. problem of high unemployment rates

4.5. Population projected to grow half a billion by 2020

4.6. By 2020, 15-20% of males in northwest region of India will NOT have any brides to marry

5. 914 girls for every 1000 boys

5.1. dropping rapidly

6. Boys preferred over girls

6.1. go into debt arranging marriages and paying elaborate dowries

6.2. enormous expenses involved in marriages

6.3. only sons can light funeral pyres --> parents want son so that someone will light their funeral pyre

6.4. boys are wage earners and future family leaders

6.4.1. support the elderly till old age

7. Gendercide

7.1. sex selective abortion based on ultrasound scans banned but corrupt doctors