Nasha Mukta Bharat Campaign

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Nasha Mukta Bharat Campaign by Mind Map: Nasha Mukta Bharat Campaign

1. Formulated by

1.1. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

2. Implemented in

2.1. 272 districts

2.1.1. Which are identified as most affected in terms of usage of substances

2.1.2. Identified based on the inputs received from Narcotics Control Bureau National survey done by the ministry

3. Strategy and action plans

3.1. By district and state level Nasha Mukta Bharat Committees

3.2. prolonged attack

3.2.1. Comibining attack by Narcotics Bureau

3.2.2. Outreach/Awareness programme by Social Justice

3.2.3. Treatment by health department

4. Components

4.1. Awareness Generation Programmes

4.2. focus on

4.2.1. Higher Educational Insititute

4.2.2. University campuses

4.2.3. Schools

4.3. Community outreach and identification of dependant population

4.4. Focus on treatment facilities by hospital settings

4.5. Capacity building programmes for service providers.