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Swimming Carnival 09 by Mind Map: Swimming Carnival 09
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Swimming Carnival 09


Namelist of Parents involved


Officials & Participants




Mass Games

Cheer Teams

Safety @ pool


Liase with YSP





2 weeks-Monday 18 May


Staff Briefing

6 May-General Briefing

26 May-Programme run-through

Letter to Parents cum Entry Form

4 May

Pupils Briefing

8 May 1pm-1.30pm - General Briefing

Briefing Procedure, Divide school into colour groups, HMs get interested pupils to particpate, Provide a namelist of Participants

Colour-coded collection boxes for pupils' forms-13 May, TAs to help collate and give us by 1pm-15 May

26 May - Programme run-through

Trial Swim

18 May -> 2.30pm - 4.30pm BOOKED!

Book Pool - BOOKED, Call on 15 to check!

Book Transport, max 50 pax (plus teachers)

Parents Briefing

join CT on 27 May

Manpower Distribution

15 May Tentative

Event Day


6.30am-Trs Advance party to report to school

7.00am-All pupils report to hall in form class/ Teachers Advance party be at Pool

7.10am-Pupils get into Houses & HMs do headcount / Competitors to go down to board bus

7.15am-Competitors bus move off to Pool

7.30am-The REST move off.

8.00am-Assembly & official Start of Event

8.10am-1st Standard Event starts.

10.00am- End of Standard events & P1&2 Mass event / Interval and pupils to gather @ 1m Pool

12.30pm- Moving back to NVPS

1.00pm-Home Sweet Home

8.45am- P1&2 move to Wading pool for Mass event

9.00am- P1&2 Mass event starts

10.30am- P3&4 Mass Event starts

10.50am- P5&6 Mass Event starts / P3&4 Mass Event ENDS

11.30am- P5&6 Mass Event ENDS

11.35am- Staff & Parents Mass Event starts

12.00pm- Staff & Parents Mass Event ENDS / Prize presentation

Standard Events

Freestyle (P3-6)

Breaststroke (P1-6)

Relays, 4 x 50m - any style (P4-6)

Divisions, A<15, B<13yrs, C<11yrs, D<8yrs

Mass Events

P1-2 (wading pool), Beanbag Balance, Fill up the Pail

P5-6 (1m pool), Captain's Ball

P3-4 (1m pool), Glide across

Event Logistics


order by




Staff & Parenteers


Get prefects to serve, smaller portions

Order Food!