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Great Britain by Mind Map: Great Britain

1. Information

1.1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) is the official name of the state, which is situated on the British Isles. This state is also called Great Britain after the main island with the same name. The UK consists of four countries, which are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their capitals are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

1.2. The UK is an island state. The two main islands are Great Britain (where England, Scotland and Wales are situated) and Ireland (where Northern Ireland and the independent Irish Republic are situated). The two islands are separated by the Irish Sea. The UK is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the North Sea in the east. The UK is separated from the continent by the English Channel and the Strait of Dover. The Strait of Dover is the narrowest part of English Channel. The nearest point to Europe is Dover which is only thirty-two miles from France. Dover is one of the most ancient ports. If you cross the English Channel by ferry you can see the white chalk cliffs of Dover and Dover Castle.

2. Tasks

2.1. Read the transcription of words on the topic "Great Britain»

2.1.1. [‘kʌntrɪ] [‘kɪŋdəm] [‘aɪlənd] [juː’naɪtɪd ‘kɪŋdəm] [‘ɪŋglənd] [‘skɔtlənd] [weɪlz] [‘nɔːð(ə)n ‘aɪələnd] [‘kæpɪtəl] [‘lʌndən]

2.2. Put the sentences in the Kazakh language on the theme "UK»

2.2.1. There are two islands: Great Britain and Ireland. There are 4 countries in the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England, Scotland and Wales are in Great Britain. Northern Ireland is in Ireland. The capital of the UK is London.