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Victorian MP by Mind Map: Victorian MP

1. Chinese On the Goldfields

1.1. They use too much water.

1.2. They steal gold from the European miners.

1.3. They took the gold back home.

2. Laws Restricting Chinese

2.1. Miners have put up many petitions

2.2. This is why we have put these laws

2.3. 10 pound tax for every Chinese landing in VIC and NSW

2.4. Chinese had to live outside any declared township

3. Attacks and Protests Against the Chinese

3.1. Abusion to Chinese is harmful, but the miners have rights to abuse and protest against them.

3.2. Miners don't get arrested for this.

4. Hatred of Chinese

4.1. Anti Chinese sentiments in Australia

4.2. They work too hard, find more gold

5. Chinese's Bad Habits

5.1. Opium Smoking was dangerous

5.2. 4 in 10 Chinese were addicted to opium

5.3. 1 in 2 Chinese were also addicted in gambling

6. Culture and Beliefs

6.1. They are pagan.

6.2. They have strange beliefs and cultures.

6.3. This makes them inferior to us.

7. Appearance

7.1. They wear weird clothes.

7.2. They look different to the ''colonists''.

7.3. ''Ching Chong Chinaman'' is a good phrase for their appearance.