Global warming and Tragedy of commons

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Global warming and Tragedy of commons by Mind Map: Global warming and Tragedy of commons

1. Tragedy of commons is where - Each person has own self-interests and wants to have maximum share when it comes to natural resources. By doing this each one thinks it will benefit them, but because of this there is overconsumption, as a result everyone suffers.

2. Global Warming

2.1. Bascially Commons are natural resources that are available on earth.

3. Global commons towards Tragedy of commons, which has impact on

3.1. Climate Change

3.2. Increase in Sea levels

3.3. Harmful emission of industrial pollution into Water and Air.

3.4. Melting of Glaciers in the poles

3.5. Outer space

3.6. Impact on Land

3.7. Impact on Marine life

3.8. Various natural disasters

3.9. Deforestration and increased degradation of forests

3.10. Wildfires

3.11. Burning of Fossil fuels like coal, oil etc.

3.12. Forests

4. Solutions to Tragedy of Commons

4.1. People should work on Grassroots level.

4.2. Rules and Regulation are very important, that will come under external governance. But that too will depend on how it is applied in the broader sense.

4.3. Personal action can also be one of the ways like for example: Using Cloth bag, planting trees,etc.

4.4. Paper Recycling by which cutting of trees can be avoided

5. Some innovative and modern solutions

5.1. Social: A proper collective action arrangement must be in place. Technological : This can be used for creating awareness. Economic measures : There should be allocation measures by the government

5.2. Global Cooperation and Forest conservation

5.3. Sustainable development and living conditions

5.4. Environmental friendly alternatives and avoiding use of plastic

5.5. Switching to Green power

5.6. Other solutions such as - Tree plantation, developing energy efficient programs.

5.7. Travelling through Public transport

5.8. When at Home - Use energy efficient appliances, ex: Solar Water Heater

6. challenges to solve Tragedy of commons

6.1. Not proper coordination between Local authoriites and government.

6.2. Application on Grassroots level a major problem

6.3. Geographical factors

6.3.1. Personal rivalries, issues, interests and disputes are there.

7. Examples

7.1. Earth system Governance Project (ESGP) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC)

8. All these impacts lead to

8.1. Reduce Business Cycle

8.2. Reduce Economic output and agricultural production

8.3. Especially the industrial productivity stops

9. Climate change and the tragedy of the commons

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