Learning How to Learn The First 15 Hours

Learn the skill of Learning How to Learn in 15 hours

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Learning How to Learn The First 15 Hours by Mind Map: Learning How to Learn The First 15 Hours

1. Prepare

1.1. Sign up for the Learning How to Learn Coursera course.

1.2. Schedule time in your calendar for when you’re going to study the material

1.3. You can purchase some of the books from our resources section

1.4. Check out our trainers if you want to learn one-on-one with an expert

1.5. Start exploring the different websites we’ve linked to

2. Practice

2.1. Go over the resources we’ve shared in the skill tree

2.2. Study the material

2.3. Take notes of new concepts and things you want to memorize

2.4. Read about definitions, benefits, pitfalls, beliefs, questions, planning, rest, scoping, and reflection

2.5. Review what you learned a day after and a week after

2.6. Teach what you learned to someone else

2.7. Learn this skill alongside someone else and discuss it after your study sessions

2.8. Spend a few minutes daily (15-30 minutes suggested) to watch some of the lessons from the Learning How to Learn course

2.8.1. Pay special attention to the things that relate to the list of the things you should expect to know after 15 hours

3. Ponder

3.1. Ponder on the usual questions:

3.1.1. What went right?

3.1.2. What went wrong?

3.1.3. How can I improve?

3.2. What have I learned? What do I truly understood?

3.3. What have I not understood? Why? What can I do to understand better?

3.4. How will I apply what I learned?

3.5. What do I want to do going forward?

3.6. Who can I teach what I learned to?

4. Expectations

4.1. Know the definition of the words skill, learning, knowledge, and education

4.2. Understand the benefits of learning new skills

4.3. Know the pitfalls of learning

4.4. Understand how forgetting works

4.5. Have the right beliefs to learn anything

4.6. Know the right questions to ask yourself

4.7. Know how to properly plan your learning

4.8. Understand the steps and phases to learn any skill

4.9. Understand the importance of rest in learning

4.10. Know how to scope your learning project

4.11. Know how to reflect on your progress