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Drupal Design Style Manual by Mind Map: Drupal Design Style Manual
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Drupal Design Style Manual

sample sprite files

primary navigation

Icon sprite sheet

style stripper module

Novo nó

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stark theme

just an .info file



create a list of all classes that come from core, book: drupal 6 themes

agree upon convention for namespace for class names for developers, this may already exist in documentation in some form

compile a list of commonly used modules for designers (top 10), compile list of classes used by these modules, top 10 drupal modules (from entire community), top 10 modules used by designers (voted on by group)

library of preprocess techniques


parsing comments and simpledocs to list available variables

creating the learner theme



no extra nested tags


namespace, views-content, views-menu, "what is is"-"where it came from"?, flag important shit, views-is-draggable

ability to add true semantic class names

add guidelines to coder.module


Cut and paste code snippets for designers

intro to PHP doc for designers

Novo nó for design


part of

drupal-specific ways that content reaches the theme layer

Existing Resources

Learner theme

visualize the structure

teaching tool

Nieuw knooppunt

better jQuery tool to turn this on/off

extend the theming element of devel?


dsm() for designers - one you can turn on without code

remove parent arrays/objects, crap designers dont need

use simpledocs to help with this

things to give designers control of

over classes

over when wrappers are used

extend coder module to help with class namespaces

psd / fireworks png files

create corresponding css files for samples


no styles in core!

design library

Novo nó

New node

Nieuw knooppunt