Prime minister

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Prime minister by Mind Map: Prime minister

1. Philip Hammond MP, Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence controls all of the armed forces. the main responsibilities are; Operations, Personnel, Acquisition, Defence Policy, Nucular Programmes, International Relations, Defence planning; Programme; resource allocation, Parliamentary business and communications and The Strategic Defence and Security Review.

1.1. Armed Forces. Its responsible for the Army,Navy and RAF. In the British Armed Forces there are; 35,000 in the Royal Navy, 101,000 in the Army, 40,000 in the RAF and 85,000 civilian personnel. the cost to run all of the Armed Forces costs 37.5 Billion per year.

1.1.1. Defence Vetting Agency. They process 3 main things, these include; Counter Terrorism Checks, Security Checks and Developed Vetting.

2. Theresa May MP, Home Office. The Home Office, one of the biggest government departments, is responsible for maintaining law and order within Britian. Its objective is 'to protect the public, and build a safe, just and tolerent society'. The Home Office oversees the work of the Police and the Border and Immigration Agency.

2.1. Policing, Crime and Security. Nick Herbert MP. There is 135.838 police officers in the UK. The Home Office's responsibilities to the police are, to fund them. The money is collected by the Treasury by taxes and then allocated to the home office. the other responsibility is to give other kinds of support to enable the police to work more effectively.

2.1.1. West Yorkshire Police. The purpose of West Yorkshire Police is, to uphold the law fairly and firmly. To prevent crime. To pursue and bring justice to those who break the law. To keep the Queens peace. To protect, help and reassure the community. To be seen to do this with integrity, common sence and sound judgement. WYPA. West Yorkshire Police Authority. The key statutory duty for the police authority is to secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police force in its area. Her Majestys Inspectorate of Constabulary. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) in the United Kingdom have statutory responsibility for the inspection of all police forces. IPCC. Independant Police Complaints Comission. The IPCC's main role is to increase public confidence in the police complaints system.. The IPCC oversees the whole of the police complaints system and sets standards for the way that the police should deal with complaints. It is independent, making its decisions entirely independently of the police, government and complainants

2.2. Border & Immigration. Damian Green MP. The overall responsibilities for this lies with the Home Secretary (Theresa May), who is assisted by Damian Green. These two develop and enforce the governments decisions on controlling and managing immigration.

2.2.1. UK Border Agency. They protect the borders of the UK. And its one of the largest law enforcements agencies in the UK. They are a global organisation with 23,500 staff, including more than 9,000 warranted officers, operating in local communities at the borders and in about 130 countries worldwide.