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OPC_class_3 by Mind Map: OPC_class_3

1. Proximity

1.1. Psychological

1.1.1. Immediate, spontaneous recall in marketing

1.2. Tecnological

2. Project plans

2.1. Google challenge

2.2. Promotion Master

2.3. KFPE


3. Information Overload/Quality Alexander & Tate Model

3.1. Accuracy (exactness)

3.1.1. No spelling and syntax errors etc. (accuracy of text)

3.1.2. Intermodality (e.g. distributing documents online not only by post)

3.1.3. Problems of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

3.2. Objectivity (trust)

3.2.1. Commitment and goal of sender

3.2.2. Why is someone publishing information?

3.2.3. Example: Is the headquarter of a motorshop aligned with the single retailer?

3.3. Authority (producer)

3.3.1. Who is the producer of the document?

3.3.2. What about the competence of the author?

3.3.3. General web problem (e.g. Wikipedia, healthcare communication)

3.4. Currency (web truth)

3.4.1. Synchronized, immediate content modification

3.4.2. Reference to pillars II and III of lesson 2

3.4.3. Example: Opening hours of a shop should be consistent online and in the real world

3.5. Coverage (overload)

3.5.1. What is covered by the media and what not

3.5.2. Danger of loosing focus; attitude of "why not" instead of "why yes"

3.5.3. Problematic of information overload on the web (e.g. choosing pictures of a hotel for the website)

4. students

4.1. presentation of the class 03 (March, 5), given on March, 26

4.2. Lorenzo Ghini

4.3. Iris Mueller