Nature of Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq.

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Nature of Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq. by Mind Map: Nature of Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq.

1. Repression (Show Trials)

1.1. Televised trial of members - 21 were later executed

1.2. Terrorized his own party as well as other parties

1.3. In 1982, Dujail - killed 150 villagers in retaliation to an assassination attempt.

1.4. Death penalty for joining other parties

2. The cult of Leadership

2.1. More agressive towards Israel

2.2. Leader and Protector of the Arab World

2.3. Statues and Portraits in all public buildings

3. The Kurds

3.1. Wanted to extend his control over the Kurdish North

3.2. 1974-1974 -- attacked the Kurds and executed/exiled many Kurdish Leaders

3.3. 1988- Depopulate much of Turkish North and destroy the Kurdish National Movement.

3.4. Used Chemical Weapons, Mass exectution and bulldozed villages

3.5. About 180,000 Kurds were killed and at least 100,000 fled as refugees to Turkey.

4. Repression of the Shiite Iraqis

4.1. Shiites- major population of Iraq.

4.2. Shiites wanted more inclusion and not seperatism.

4.3. Islamic revolution in Shiite Iraq made SH suspicious of Shiite Majority

4.4. 1980-1981-- 200,000 Shiites were deported to Iran - because "loyalty was not proven"

5. Infrastructure

5.1. Iraqs immense oil revenue was used to improve the health, education and other services

5.2. Electricity and similar improvements to rural villages

5.3. Improved road transport and water supplies

5.4. Painters, musicians and other artists were helped with government subsidies.