Oil Manufacturing

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Oil Manufacturing by Mind Map: Oil Manufacturing

1. Economic Consequences

1.1. Controls the Economic Fluctuations

1.1.1. One of the largest employment fields

1.1.2. Price of Oil is said to double in the next 20 years People must continuously by gas no matter what the price in order to travel

1.1.3. Oil Products Plastics, asphalt, fuel, aspirin, telephones/cellphones, computers

1.1.4. Wars Invasion of Kuwait The Gulf War

1.2. Creation of Jobs

1.3. Countries with vast Oil Reserves thrive economically

1.3.1. Oil is a valuable commodity

1.4. Oil stocks start to deplete

1.4.1. Economies of oil rich countries begin to fall Recessions Loss of Jobs

2. Environmental Consequences

2.1. Greenhouse Effect - Caused by the release of excess Carbon Dioxide (high emissions) into the atmosphere

2.1.1. A leading cause of global warming

2.2. Air Pollution Caused by the greenhouse gasses which results in health concerns such as difficulty breathing and asthma

2.3. Wildlife Disturbance

2.3.1. Deforestation

2.3.2. Loss of Organism Loss of Plants that were destroyed from the manufacturing of oil Loss of Herbivores that used to feed on the plants

2.4. Contamination of Water

2.4.1. Infected/Loss of marine life Loss of Species

3. Personal Consequences

3.1. Consumption of Infected Animals

3.1.1. Diseases can develop due to the contamination

3.2. Breathing in air that has been polluted

3.2.1. Difficulty Breathing Asthma

3.3. Purchasing and Using oil or products made from oil

3.3.1. Transportation required for people to travel to work Work people need to get to their workplace

3.3.2. Cheap

3.4. Oil is used in many products that people use every day

3.4.1. Ex. Cosmetics,Religion, Painting, Heat transfer, Lubrication, Fuel

3.5. People can own personal cars

3.5.1. More independence

3.5.2. As the gas price rises people still have to pay for it as they must commute

4. Scientific Consequences

4.1. Scientific Research - Science has to advance in order to learn more about the consequences caused by oil manufacturing

4.1.1. Recycling technologies - advance due to the increased need to reuse oil as it is a none renewal resource Vacuum Distillation - A method used to recycle Oil Solvent Extraction - A method used to recycle Oil

4.2. Loss of Scientific Samples - as species become extinct scientists have few viable samples to test and learn from

4.3. Development of Technology in order to find alternative energy sources or ways to reduce the effects of oil manufacturing (ex. pollution)

4.3.1. Making alternative energy sources more efficient Wind Energy Solar Energy Biodiesel Nuclear Reactors

4.3.2. Finding New Energy Sources

5. Social Consequences

5.1. Creation of Jobs

5.1.1. People who work in the Oil industry Engineers Truckers Scientists Technician American Petroleum Institute Employs about 10 million people

5.2. Environmentalists

5.2.1. Promote recycling

5.2.2. Promote alternative energy sources

5.2.3. Preserving the wilderness - as much of is destroyed either directly or indirectly by oil manufactures

5.3. Individuals living near/in rainforests

5.4. Eskimos

5.4.1. Loss of a lot of land - as the ice melts due to global climate change, the eskimos will lose food sources along with land

5.5. Greenpeace

5.6. The Average Person

5.6.1. Requires fuel to drive their cars

5.6.2. Many produces are made using oil - ex. plastics

6. Ethical/Legal Consequences

6.1. Oil Spills

6.1.1. Extinction of Species

6.1.2. Difficult to clean up the oil and repair the damages

6.1.3. Many organisms die instantly or suffer until death

6.2. Extraction of Oil

6.2.1. Creation of Jobs as the whole operation requires countless workers

6.2.2. Cheap process

6.2.3. Energy source to feed the world's hunger for more energy as more third world countries begin to develop

6.3. Extraction of Oil is a process supported by the government due to its low expense