Intro to Digital Humanities

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Intro to Digital Humanities by Mind Map: Intro to Digital Humanities

1. Course resources

1.1. Required readings

2. Syllabus

2.1. Course Outline

2.1.1. Fundamentals Class 1 Definitions Class 2 Digitized Born digital Class 3 Collaboration

2.1.2. Theories Class 4 Theoretical perspectives Class 5 Class 6

2.1.3. Environments Class 7 Electronic Literature Class 8 Examples from elsewhere Publishing spaces Class 9 Building communities

2.1.4. Practices Class 10 Why Study Digital Humanities Class 11 Class 12

2.2. Curriculum design

2.2.1. Prescriptive Degree expectations Depth and breadth of Knowledge Knowledge of methodology Application of Knowlege Communications Skills Awareness of Limits of Knowledge Autonomy and Professional Capacity

2.2.2. Emergent Connectivism cMOOC Personal Learning Environments Intro to Digital Humanities as a MOOC Course Wiki Links Curriculum Resources