Chapter Three: Color-Blind Erotic Democracies

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Chapter Three: Color-Blind Erotic Democracies by Mind Map: Chapter Three: Color-Blind Erotic Democracies

1. Race and Class in Brazil and in United States

1.1. North Americans feel more comfortable discussing race than in Brazil

1.1.1. Brazil never had a civil rights movement In Brazil, there is a not a law against racism Different words describing race: preto, branco,mulato,escuro, claro,fechado,sarara.

2. Black Cinderella

2.1. Story of Ana Flavia, she was physically beaten for delaying an elevator in a middle class apartment building.

2.1.1. Named Black Cinderella because she was considered an imposter, she was kicked out of the ball Fry claims that Brazilians are different because they celebrate a 'color blind sexuality.'

3. Treasure Chest Coup

3.1. Light skinned in Favela is thought to have a better chance at jobs than those with darker skin

3.1.1. Seducing Coroas. Fantasy that women in favelas will seduce coroas.

4. Representations and Commodifications of Black Bodies

4.1. Mulata is the one who seduces

4.1.1. Black Women are considered sexy and hot

5. Brazilian Sexuality

5.1. Sexualized Slave, the seductress

5.1.1. Few Brazilians see themselves as racist Mulata was represented as polygamous sinner with large sexual appetite

6. Discourses (and silences) on Race

6.1. Difficult to talk about sex and race

6.1.1. Difficulty to discuss sex and race results in silence

7. Hierarchies of Beauty and Social Mobility

7.1. A woman overcomes her dark skin by seducing a coroa

7.1.1. Black or African features like flat noses and kinky hair are considered ugly

8. The Coroa and Idea of Whitening

8.1. Souza explored the mental health of afro brazilians

8.1.1. Contradictory feelings regarding body One on hand they feel exotic because of their dark skin and body On the other hand,they feel inferior in a white world

9. Two Kisses

9.1. Coroa male gave Goldstein two kisses, yet neglected to give Janaina a kiss