UK Spain Pact over Gibraltar

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UK Spain Pact over Gibraltar by Mind Map: UK Spain Pact over Gibraltar

1. Why in news

1.1. Deal between Spain and UK to

1.1.1. Maintain free movement to and from Gibraltor

1.1.2. Why needed Brexit

2. About Gibraltar

2.1. Controlled by

2.1.1. Britain Map of Gibratar

2.2. Claimed by

2.2.1. Spain

2.3. Population

2.3.1. 34k

2.4. Area

2.4.1. 6.8 sq km

2.5. Intense debate between Spain and Britain

2.5.1. Why Strategic location Connected to SPain by a small strip of land and surrounded by sea from 3 sides Only opening from Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean sea

2.6. Under British control since

2.6.1. 1713 Spain tried to take it but failed

2.7. Earned the name as the

2.7.1. ROCK Heavily fortified by Britain

2.8. Was very important for allies in 2nd world war

2.8.1. Important base for NATO

2.9. Referendums

2.9.1. 1967

2.9.2. 2002

2.9.3. Gibraltar voted to remain overwhelmingly a British territory

2.10. Present status

2.10.1. a British Overseas Territory

2.10.2. Self governing in all aspects Except Defence Foreign policy

2.10.3. British citizenship to residents

3. SPAIN-UK deal post Brexit

3.1. Why needed

3.1.1. Gibraltor voted to remain in Eu But Brexit will make hard border between Gibraltar EU WHy Economy depends on open border with Spain

3.2. According to the deal

3.2.1. Gibraltar placed in Schengen Zone Free movement like before will continue inspire of Brexit Schenzone countries EU countries that have mutually abolished passport and border controls at respective borders

3.2.2. Frontex Border guards To be placed by EU For next 4 years For ensuring free movement To and from Gibratar

3.2.3. Gibraltar’s port and airport Will become external borders of Schengen area

3.2.4. EU’s fair competition rules On areas such as labour Environment Will apply to Gibraltar

3.3. Doesn’t solve sovereignty dispute between

3.3.1. UK

3.3.2. Spain