The Polish Crisis in 1980 and 1981

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The Polish Crisis in 1980 and 1981 by Mind Map: The Polish Crisis in 1980 and 1981

1. Consequences

1.1. Strikes continued, and Solidarity arose 6 years later. Lech Walessa became President of Poland after the collapse of Communism, 1990-95. (Steph)

1.2. Martial law continued for 7 years until 1988. (James and Jess)

1.3. Strong anti-Soviet backlash in West - Reagan began making more weapons and Western aid was increased. (James and Jess)

1.3.1. USA heap military aid on anti communist guerillas in Afgahnistan and Nicaruga (Dave)

1.3.2. Cruise and Pershing missiles stationed in Europe by US (Dave)

1.3.3. US Trying to outspend Soviet Bloc; which would lead to their downfall. (Ben)

1.4. Soviet government became more aware that satellite states were growing less tolerant of oppression. (James and Jess)

1.5. Solidarity still working underground after being abolished in 1982. This ensured t to rise again after the downfall of communism. (Alex and Ben)

1.6. Martial Law was Declared on December 13th 1980 but the Warsaw pact troops did not use force due to warnings from the US. (Simon)

1.7. The influence of Solidarity led to vast increase of anti-communist movements throughout the Eastern Bloc, weakening their communist governments. (Simon)

1.8. 150,000 people where imprisoned and thousands were killed. (Mav)

1.9. December 1981, Jaruzelski imposed martial law, banned solidarity, imprisioned many members of the trade union and intimidate others (Laurie, Mav)

2. Causes

2.1. strike of shipyard workers in Gdansk. (Laurie)

2.1.1. Which was because of Poor Working conditions and Poor Wages due to impacts of communism (Ben)

2.2. Food shortages. (Laurie)

2.2.1. 1976:60% rise in prices (Alex) Another rise in 1980's (Alex)

2.3. Catholic church being prosecuted. (Laurie)

2.4. Censorship increased, phone connections in Poland were cut off. (Laurie)

2.5. The rise of the new Polish Pope led to calls for freedom of worship for the Polish catholics. (Jess)

2.6. Polish people hated Soviet rule and resented the USSR and soviet troops that were stationed there (Dave)

2.7. loss of national idenity which the polish were big believers in as before the soviets they had a strong national idenity (Mav)

2.8. Solidarity became a theat to Soviet Control not only in Poland but also countries in the Eastern Bloc. (Laurie)

2.9. whether or not solidarity should become a political movement placed pressure on the Government to reform rather that a traditional trade union working on the rights of the of its workers. (Laurie)

2.10. Genral Jarulzelski was forced by the hard line polish government to take action because they could not accept what was going on in poland. (Mav)

3. Long Term Causes

3.1. Febuary 4-11 1945: Yalta conference. Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin agee on demarcation of Polish-Soviet Border. (James W)

3.2. July 17 - August 2nd 1945: Potsdam Conference. West border of Poland extended to include the port city of Gdansk. (James W)

3.3. May 14th 1955: Warsaw Pact established in Polish Capital with Poland being a key member.