Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila

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Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila by Mind Map: Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila

1. Integration

1.1. Culturas area conformed of

1.1.1. Fields Jose Cuervo Fields

1.1.2. Haciendas El Centenario

1.1.3. Towns El Arenal, Tequila

1.1.4. Municipalities Amatitán, Magdalena

2. Synthesis

2.1. State of Jalisco, 35000 ha, between Tequila Volcano and Grande de Santiago River

2.2. Agave Culture is part of Mexico’s National identity.

2.3. Pre-Hispanic fermentation + European distillation.

3. Authenticity

3.1. The landscape is used to grow and process the extensive cultivations and the old distilleries with strong character agave plant and distill tequila.

3.1.1. why? In them fuse ancestral knowledge of the American and European traditions.

3.2. How to get the Declaration of Origin?

3.2.1. The tequila would have to be processed from agave pineapples and grown in the inscribed property. 60 factories in the inscribed property 22% of the nominated area is owned privately 44% is common land 34% is what is called mixed productive associations which are private investment on common land.

4. Plan of management

4.1. Who?

4.1.1. The State why? It has responsibility for the preservation and restoration of historical, architectural and archaeological sites, urban and territorial development and the delineation of settlements

4.2. How?

4.2.1. Tequila Master Plan Seeks to ensure authenticity and integrity of each one of the components of the Agave Landscape maintained through its conservation, restoration and appropriate use.

4.3. Why?

4.3.1. It is tool to promote that the social sectors of less economic income are contemplated as high-priority groups for the benefits derived from the rescue and conservation of the Cultural Agave Landscape.